Return to The Valley of Shells #11


and………………..this is what happens when I take a HOLIDAY!!!!

With my love for the mountains, and warm weather, I had decided to take a holiday here….The Glenwood Hot Springs in Colorado.

Captain Richard Sopris heard about these legendary healing waters, and he and his party of geographic explorers found the sacred healing spot in 1860.  It became world-renowned as a healing wonder set in a mountain paradise. Around the turn of the century, the Golden Age of Mineral Spas, it was referred to as “Spa of the Rockies”.

The perfect place for me to rest and relax.

I had gone exploring, as my nature is, and I took a rest by the lake. I was reading throught the journal that I had recorded from Angel’s Gateway. I also had the linking book that had came with me, which I had tucked  safely away in my wardrobe. I had thought often of the inhabitants of this age…..wondered how they were doing. I went walking off towards the mountains and came across this ancient path.


The stones were upheaved in places but recognizable as a path. I thought over my situation. I was dressed for a hike, as that was my plan, and I had food with me…should I explore right now??

The desire was too strong to turn back, but before I realized it the path lead to the edge of the water again, and the sun was setting…and…..this…and it looked very familiar.img_20161121_152424

I opened the linking book that I had found in the Mountain age on my Adventure, Angel’s Gateway…..the picture was the same!!! Without hesitation I placed my hand on the picture in the linking book…..

I linked, to the hills that were familiar….but not directly on the ski hill. I was on a path…..a path like the one I had been following, only in good repair.images

I followed it around, not knowing what I would find.


It led to this huge reed forest…very familiar…but from a different adventure. This looked like the Valley of Shells, but how? Could the two locations be related?

I wandered through the reeds…..and I was back….


AS I exited the reeds, I was in my Valley of Shells. Much had changed. The Valley had a gentler slope…but what of my Hippo Beetle?? How did this age connect with the Ski Hill of Angel’s Gateway? When In time was I?

It was spring, or summer…no activity on the Ski hills that were off the other side of the water to my right.

I decided to walk around the water and see if I could find the scenes  that were etched in my mind.


The valley of Shells behind me, I followed the path to the ski hill. All was quiet. The lift sat motionless. I made my way up the slope, to find the ski lodge.

When I arrived at the top, I was rewarded, in fashin, with a confirmation of my suspisions…I am in the PAST!!

The ski lodge was just in the beginning stages of being built.  I can not even begin to describe my feelings.
The lift controls are operable, and it seems they are being used to transfer building materials. I looked in my linking book for this age….the page….was…blank. I will need to find the Gateway door to get out of here!!

How am I going to explain my disappearance from my hotel back in Colorado…back in TIME!! I guess, at this moment, I am not there…OH My…how  am I going to sort this out? I wonder, if I leave the book, and go out thru the GAteway, if it will affect the fact I was here in the first place…and erase the damage I did on my first visit?

I need to go back to the Gateway Jalak room. I made my way down the slope, and  to the area where I remembered the door to be….and it was there, but still very new.

I went into the  Jalak like room. The note was gone, or I guess not here yet, and the pillars did not rise or fall. It was very new. This time, in a nook in one wall, was a book….It was a link to the cave, the one I had found in my very first adventure.

I decided to link thru…if it was too strange, I always had my relto book, and it still showed real time. I linked….when I came into the room I was met by a room full of people!!

I was speechless. I sat on a familiar chair, although new, and felt for the ski hill linking book…it was gone. I had nothing to use to explain my presence….except….

My relto book, but it is from the future, I am from the future, although how far I do not know. All these thoughts running through my mind in a brief few seconds.

A man, who looks vaguely familiar askes a question, and pulls me from my scattered thoughts. It is then I notice they also have relto books. I also notice, a familiar symbol…DRC. This could be interesting.

With a few things in mind I  quickly  put the date of my current link around 1998. Since the official DRC restoration was in 1997, I figure that this secret meeting was during the time they wanted to get the cavern ready for explorers. The familiar face…I believe to be Dr. Watson, and one other figure I think is Phil Henderson.

Oh, my…I should not be here!!!

This is obviously a meeting place, and the conversation I interrupted, was about what to do about the age….an age they had not explored…yet, an age I was familiar with. If I say something, what will it do to the timeline? So many thoughts, in so short a time. One thing is certain. With the ski hill book gone, I had already set in motion the change of the time line…and…Those dear people…were safe from my meddling curriosity.

Less than a min. had passed since my link in. I still heard the echo of Dr. Watsons question,


With the echo in my ears, I reached for my Relto Book…poof.

I was back in the safety of my CURRENT time relto.

Now to get back to The Glenwood Hot Springs in Colorado, and resume my holiday…with the peace, that those dear folk  are safe…..or are they??






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