Adventures of angelmyst: Perfect 10





Cross the Bridge

I was wandering thru the City…minding my own business…looking for GZ markers.

I started across the bridge, and it changed before my eyes!!!

This rickety old bridge, leading into misty nothingness lay before me.

I backed up…

City Bridge was back…


Inch forward….mist


I found the sweet spot, a hair forward and I am faced with the wierd bridge, back and I am fine…..


Do I really want to do this??? Now???

I am not prepared for an adventure. I have to go change.

Changed and ready…I wandered across the bridge..through the fog

through the fog

through the fog

through the fog

Fog Bank

I walked for  a good 15 mins., not seeing where i was going, or where I had been….I could not see anything, not even my hand in front of may face, unless it was 6 inches in front of my nose.

This fog was THICK!!!!

but it was not wet…or smelly…or…anything.

It was just weird!!

Then I saw this scene before my face, as I emerged the fog bank.

Cleft way out there

Was that Cleft??? Way off in the distance I could see a lone dark mountain. It sure looked like Cleft, but HOW???

I wandered towards the  ever growing mass of rock.

Yes it is the Cleft

It is Cleft…but how???


who was that up in the air above the cauldron?

I have no answers..but more questions?

What did I miss on my journey through the Caverns from City to Cleft that is causing me to still “find” strange things??

Me thinks, angelmysts adventures are not over…but where else could there be an entrance to the D’ni Caverns?? Time for some serious travels.

Caves have always held somewhat of a facination with me. So to stretch my imagination beyond the Cleft entrance to D’ni, was not to hard to do.

Surely a civilization such as the D’ni must have another entrance.

I am determined to find it….my first area of search will be West….I packed and headed up to Cleft…..then headed to the next logical geologically sound spot that could house a secret entrance to the D’ni civilization…..The Grand Canyon!!

I caught a ride with an elderly couple, out on a second honeymoon. He too had a facination for Caves, and gave me many valuable tips for exploring. After an 8 hour drive, they let me off where I 180 meets Center Road. I did not want to go into town. I did not want to draw any unnecessary attention.

I made my way off the S. Entrance Road to a trail. The Arizona National Scenic Trail. This first leg, was 2.2 miles…about a 45 min walk. Since this was an organized trail, I decided to dress less ‘D’ni’ and blend in as best possible.


I then headed to Rim Trail. A 1.3 mile walk to where I decided to set up a camp for the night.IMG_20160119_140948504.jpg

I had to wait a while, until no one was around, then I made my way to the edge…and down the canyon…by rope…alone. I found a quiet nook, and snuggled in for the night.

Early the next morning I made my way across the canyon, to what looked like an open spot. I had chosen a good time of year to explore…very few people were sround, and by the time I decided to descent farther, I was out of sight of any other explorers.

I wandered Tonto Trail down to  what was very fittingly named Bright Angel Trail. I was nearing the same elevation as Cleft…..only. I still had to go farther down before I would be anywhere near the depth of the Caverns of the D’ni.

I had come over 12 miles today…long arduous travel..and I was tired. I looked around for a quiet place to rest.

Bronson Caves in Griffith Park.

And then I saw it…a small opening….

Ever D’ni sense in me tingled…..I could almost smell the moist air…the sufur…the adventure!!!!

I went through my pack and made sure all was in order. I had the feeling that when I went into this cave, I would not be out until I came to the D’ni…somewhere  in one of the Ages, but with the strange bridge I encountered in the City, I was certain I would come out there..somewhere.

If I thought of the actual distance on the surface, from where I was to the Cleft, this trek was a daunting one….but I know….I just know there will be a link…somewhere. Somehting is telling me there is more to discover…and that something guided me here. Spiderman has a spider sense…I have a D’ni sense…I can feel it!

After walking as far as I could see, and then feeling my way along for a bit, I reached into my pack and pulled out the fire marbles I had  brought along. They work better than any flashlight.

images (1)

The cave lit up in splendor!! My compass added to my KI, and I tried as best to head East. I wish I had an altimeter…I could feel the pressures somewhat, but had no idea how deep I was. The whole time I have been going very gradually down.

images (2)

The ahead the light caught colors. Reds Greens Yellows and blues shimmered on the rocks. The rock looked very D’ni  ish.


My minor obsession with shapes, and crevasses, made me wonder…”What is up with that pionting finger/hand shape on the rock??”

I put my hand up to the rock, and covered the shape.


That ever familiar linking sound……………………….and I was here….

city with no tent

The City??? but different.

No tent, so was this before the DRC started their investigations and restorations?? The map is here?? Now I am confused..((Surprise surprise))

I know where I am..but WHEN am I? Have I gone back in the past, or ahead to the future?

I checked my KI..buds on my bud list….

I am glad to see someone around…but the only place I can get to is here…private city…nothing else works.
No buds seem to be answering my hellos…..

I wandered the city for hours…………………….
nothing…no one.
I can see my buds…and see the links on my KI..but I can not link to Nexus..or even to my Relto

This must be a different timeframe, but the KI is registering…
I wondered…where in city could I find a hand in the rocks…

Then I remembered..the museum.

5 podeums…5 links that are missing??? Is one of them to the Grand Canyon?
I tried them all, but the middle one kept giving me tingles….

After several tries, I hit the sweet spot…and linked out.




Back to the Grand Canyon wall with the hand Print….

Okay, what. I found a link from Grand CAnyon to the city of the D’ni at some point in time..but I do not know the point. I think I am going to cut this expedition here….Something has caught my thoughts….

5 pedestles…..5 links

the middle one is from The Grand Canyon, so where are the others from. I could not access them from in the City….I have to find where on earth they are. So I will do some research, and plan some trips.

This is not over folks!!!

I did some research and found some likely areas to explore…

Number ONE:

Georgia’s Okefenokee Swamp is about 700 square miles of beautiful, fascinating wilderness, one of the oldest and most primitive swamps in America. Swamps normally aren’t suited for exploring by wandering tourists, but the Okefenokee is.

Spring…less heat..less mosquitoe…maybe I’ll head here first.


Number TWO:

Jericho, the city of Palms, is the oldest inhabited city on Earth. Because it is near the Dead Sea, which is more than 400 meters below sea level, Jericho stays warm throughout the year.Warm…like that idea…maybe in the winter i’ll check this one out.


Number THREE:
The TauTona Mine  is a gold mine in South Africa. At 3.9 kilometers (2.4 mi) deep it is currently home to the world’s deepest mining operations.
This one would take some planning…and some creativity to explore…..
Number FOUR:
Georgetown is the capital of Guyana. It is the country’s largest urban centre. It is situated on the Atlantic Ocean coast at the mouth of the Demerara River and it was nicknamed ‘Garden City of the Caribbean.’
So I decided to stay in the US…and headed  to Georgia.
I flew into
P adDavis FieldAirport on
Hangar Road in the  city of
Folkston, GA.
Davis Field is a county-owned public-use airport located three nautical miles southwest of the central business district of Folkston, a city in Charlton County, Georgia, United States.
I then hitched a ride to
Prospect Church
This was as good as any a place to crash and make a bit of a headquarters while I did some searching. From the church cleaning lady I found out that there is a Heliport close to  the swamp…but she also had some strange stories to tell….d’nish stories… I was on the right trail….my D’ni senses tingled.
She very graciously gave me a ride to the Heliport….
I was set to explore.
After my host was out of sight I wandered down Boat house road…A straight road that lead right into the swamp. There was no place to be out of view, so I wandered like i knew what I was doing. Thankfully no one questioned me.
Boat House is well named…at the end of the road was a massive …Boat House….abandoned by the looks of things.
I found a small boat, burried in the brushes along the swamp/river edge. Surely no one would notice this missing for a few hours…days…hopefully not longer…unless I get  LOST???
 I headed straight West down the swamp canal…..what was I going to find??
One thing…Okefenokee Swamp is HUGE!!
I paddled about two miles down the swamp canal, until I came to a fork….which way should I go?? The boat house had a map of the swamp, and I could see that the  trails merged again in another mile or so…so I stayed to the right… my wanderings thru the caves…always to the right///
At the next fork, I could see from the map that the trail came to a dead end….sead ends are my specialty….it has never failed me to find somehting interesting at a supposed dead end… I went right…again.
As I neared the end I heard a familiar sound….It was just the wind blowing across the  swamp, whistling in the reeds, but something caught my attention.
In a corner of the swamp was one plant.
As I paddled over to it I saw the all too familiar symbol appear before me…..
and as I passed through it I linked.
I though..where will I end up this time??
I paddled throught the symbol, and heard, that now, almost frustrating sound…..
I appeared here.
 but why??
 Was this, at some point in time a swamp?
 Who knows…but now I need to find the link…or do I have to go back to the museum podium and see which one links…if one links??
I am running blind.
Where in this age is anything remotly like a swamp?
I looked back at the picture I took of the scene in the swamp when the symbol appeared.
Those reed trees look familiar…..They look like …these…
I am not in the present, but am I in the past or future??
I have no one on my KI, but the KI seems to be functioning.
I have no idea….I wandered through the age to see if I could figure out anything. I went to the door.
It opened, and I very cautiosly walked through…..
I came out…. here…
Back in the swamp….back where I started from. OH BOTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Time for some serious searching…

I decided to head to Georgetown, the ‘Garden City of the Caribbean.’

But..I will spend some time in the city, and doing some research to see if i can determine the reason for the links. Maybe they are from D’ni who came to the surface at some point in time….or maybe it is the future…..
Oh boy…i am getting confused.
   City searches did not yeild anything helpful. I am going to head to the other likely location for a link to the Caverns. Remember, I am going on the elevation of these places…and there seems to be a co relation with the depth of the Cavern, to the sea levels of these spots. Why??? No idea, but I am trying to figure it out.
   I made all my necessary preparations, and flew into Ogle Airstrip in  Georgetown Guyanna.
A small nondescript airport catering to twin engine turboprop planes and private single engine tourists. I have had my fill of Cessnas, but here I see not much else.
As I looked over the area map on the wall of the terminal building/ hangar, a place caught my attention.
Windsor Forest….again, that drawn feeling, this had to be something.
Did I ever mention that I am related to the Windsors? About 5th cousins three times removed, but I am related…to Royalty….and a Forest…well angelmyst and trees just are nearly synonomous.
I wandered down the dusty streets. I had a 30 km walk ahead of me, so I needed to get creative and find a means of transportation. On a side street off of Airstrip Road, I saw a very Canadian thing…a yard sale!!
I wandered down, and there were some very influential homes, complete with swimming pools, full guarded fences. At the yard sale I saw a bicycle. The lady sitting outside spoke very little English, so she went to get help. Out came a child and an elderly gentleman, and in clear British English, he asked me where i was from. When I told him Canada, he was almost in tears. He invited me in for iced tea…Canadian style, and told me that he had served with the RCAF, and has dear Canadian connections. When I needed to leave, I would like to tell you I had a bike….but, I had a little car!!!! Free for my use, as long as I was in the country!!
I did not tell him about my D’ni connections, not sure if he would have understood, but as I was walking away the child called me and gave me something.
A  formed plaque of sorts, and she said, in clear D’ni, and English
“mehoor, fahsee Windsor Forest”
You are welcome, 25 Windsor Forest.
I tried to prompt her for more, but when I looked back to her from examining the plaque she was gone….almost as if she had not been there. When I recall the time, there was never reference made to her during my visit, and no reference was given to the gift by the lady or the gentleman…who was this child?
I got in my borrowed car and drove off, wondering what I was going to find at 25 Windsor Forest. As much as i wanted to find out, I wanted to enjoy my drive. I took my time going over Demerara Harbour Bridge. Even though he water was dirty, the view still had attraction.
As I turned on Fifth Street, I saw the entrance to Windor Forest. I parked my car.
I lifted the latch and made my way into the manacured, sancuary like property. After crossing a wide expanse of grass, and going through a grove of trees, I followed a rough drive and came upon an impressive house behind a gate.
This home was lived in…but who?
The gate was not locked, so I went in, walked up to the house, and went to knock at the door, when  this caught my eye to the right of the door.
Touching the small green buttons, it played a basic octive scale.
I played around with it for a while, and when it seemingly did nothing I proceeded to knock at the door. That also yielded…nothing. Although there was a van parked out front, there seemed to be no one home.
GREAT!!!..a dead end…or was it? The child had sent me here…so here was where I was suppose to be.
Since no one seemed to be around, I figured I would snoop around some and see what I could find. The home itself was massive, and  as interesting as it was, I could find nothing that made my D’ni senses tingle.
I went  down a garden path, and came across this greenhouse.
It was almost as massive as the house itself, but scratched in the stone to the right of the door was this…..
Both sets seemed to be missing a note….if this was to be what worked the front door system that is. 8 notes, two missing notes….64 possible combinations….and which combo is the key…or is it both. THAT IS IF I USE BOTH,,,AND BARRING SHARPS OR FLATS..OH MY!! I’M GONNA BE HERE ALL DAY.!!!!
I headed back to the main house door.
So I started using both staffs….
I continued  missing notes..A,B//A,C//A,D//A,E//A,F//A,G
When I got to using  D and E, I heard a grating sound, …but saw nothing happen at house door.
But wait…what about the greenhouse…It seemed a more likely possibility than this house, which is obviously lived in.
I made my way back to the greenhouse…and there it stood…door wide open.
 I walked through, and was rewarded with the ever familiar linking sound.KIimage0195
I emerged…here…Jalak?? But with no pillars, just a full green beautiful garden. I wandered around Jalak, and came upon a familiar symbol, on a lone pillar… It was sitting permanently fixed, I could not make it move with the KI controls…and it was taunting me with a path of the shell like symbol.
Touching the symbol did nothing. I decided to ‘walk’ it, trace it with my finger. like I  did on my original quest, Path of the Shell…..and as before. I was taken back to my start point.
So much for the podiums in the museum being anything, other than the link to the Grand canyon.
So  now I have two  more places to go to….

Jericho, the city of Palms, …..maybe in the winter i’ll check this one out…but at this rate, I may want to do it sooner. But….

The TauTona  gold mine in South Africa, is where I will head to next.
I will have to plan this one out does one get to a restricted area? A gold mine???
 I headed back to the car, When I got there, I had company.
The little girl from the yard sale.
“You are  going to want this” she said, as she handed me a map.  “Follow it, from here….back through the link you found here….with the map in hand you will find what you seek”
But….what?? ummmm. what about the car?
As I asked I turned to the was gone, and when I turned back to the girl, she too was gone.
this is weird, beyond weird even.
I looked a the map… went from my very spot, to the greenhouse, thru the link, and into and around Jalak….but on the map, Jalak had other things. a small picture was inset to the map.KIimage0001
It looked to be a mess of Jalak and The Cleft???
I had to get back there.
something was telling me that it was imperitive I get back there….
a matter of life and death…
How do I find this version of Jalak…or this version of the Cleft??
Maybe in the next access point…
The TauTona  gold mine in South Africa, since it seems each link area takes me to a different time period.
I  searched through my notes, and started to think how I would get there…and into a mine.
How does one get into a restricted area???
I decided to follow the map for now, and see what was up with this link.
With map in hand, I went thru the Greenhouse, and linked to Jalak….and it was as the map showed…Jalak/Cleft.
I looked on my GPS…I was….
26 degrees, 24 mins, 55.25 seconds S and 27 degrees 25 mins, 50.27 seconds E, at an elevation of 1666m…..
I was, at the very  Latitude, and Longitude of the
 TauTona Mine!!!
But….what??? Somebuilt a copy, a replica of Jalak and Cleft, merged, in this location….obviously sometime in the future. At least that settles my question of time period. This is very obviously in the future. I wandered to the stone structure I could see thru the trees, thinking it to be the Jalak pillars…..but it was not
It was this.
AS much as I love old buildings, this was far far far from what I expected to find.
The delapidated 4 story structure looked like something out of an Alfred Hitchcock movie, and I dreaded to go inside. The storm clouds overhead quickly helped me make up my mind.The front double doors were nailed shut. I could probably pry them open, but I do not want to disturb anything. I went to the side door. It creaked as it opened….of course  it did!!
Living room
The back of the building sloped off, and the interior walls were brick like….Old furniture littered room, and papers were strewn on the  floor, covered in what looked to be centuries of dust.
I ruffled throught the papers…
There in  clear print!!!!
This was the work of Zandi!!!!
I found a couple old pictures.
An old man in a wheelchair…..this wheelchair. Was this Zandi???
I had to search the house some more.
Getting to the upper floors was not possible. The stairs had totally fallen down, and the debris was impassable. I was not in the humor to move around junk.
I left the building and headed up the Cauldron. Not much had changed here. A bit worn with time and weather. I found the opening that Ghen took to the D’ni CAverns….should I wander through? With this being sometime in the future what will I find?


 After entering the crevass, the similarities changed. This may look like the Cleft on the surface, but it was a disguise. For inside this hill was the remnants of a diamond mine. If I could transport these babies back in time with me…..I would be rich!!! The remnants of the  TauTona Mine!!!
How far in the future I was, I have no way to tell.
One thing is for certain. I am not going to find a way to the Cavern from here…someone with Knowledge of the D’ni has been here…but only to make this elaborate cover-up. I wandered back to where I  had linked in, and without hesitation, I linked back to the greenhouse.///back to the present, as I diamonds came with me. …sadly.
My last place to visit. Now that the weather was cooling it was time to head to
Jericho, the city of Palms.
For now, I went back to Ogle Airstrip, and planned to find a charter plane out of the area.
Going to Jericho was not as easy as I would have thought. Seems ‘adventure seekers’ are not on the list of  acceptable tourists. AS much as I tried, it was not going to be possible.
I did some research to see if this was a viable spot for a secret D’ni access point.
Jericho Beach  is situated on the north side of Jericho Park  and at the west end of Point Grey Rd between Wallace St and Discovery St. The east side of the beach caters to swimmers and the west side to sailboats and windsurfers between there is a grassy area with a pond, which is a picnic destination. Not much D’ni ish about that.
There is this scenic path lining the city waterfront, but it too has nothing that would make me think of a D’ni entrance.
I think I am going to have to forgo this ….big sigh of disappointment…I was sure there had to be something else.
I packed up and headed home…well back to my relto anyway.
That was going to be it for adventures for a while. I need a real holiday.

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