AA #8 New Beginnings

No matter how hard I tried I could not ignore a nagging feeling, as some would say…in my gut. Something was undone, something important.

I went back through my journals……

“The need, the desire to retrace those steps are why I have come to this place. I have spent months learning as much as I can about the comings and goings of those who come to this place. I long to find the way back up to the Cleft, through the tunnels. The way Ghen and Atrus came down. After hearing of Ghen, and his journey with young Atris to the city of the D’ni, I feel I have to retrace their steps.”

That was it!!!

I still have not completed my original adventure. I have been down in the Caves…up ,down around, over ,under, in ,out…but never THROUGH!!!

Now, with no boat, and no will to find and build one, I must start at the Cleft. That will make it much easier to follow. Can I steel my mind to not get side tracked?? I sincerely doubt it, but I will try.

I rummaged through my wardrobe and found my back pack. I had tossed it when I made it safely back from the past, and it was in need of serious refreshing. The backpack itself was too tattered to use, but I will keep it for memory’s sake. I had found that some things were not used, and decided to leave them out of the packing this time. All should go smoothly……right…?? After all…..I …know….the path…ya right!!!! I did keep a knife, and my rope, for I know myself, and my curiosity will be the death of me before anything else.

I clung to my map, determined to follow it and not get off course, for I had to accomplish this. I was driven.

A memory…..from when I had first learned of the D’ni some 16 years ago flitted through my dreams like a butterfly in a field of flowers.

I was at a train station, and the four featured destinations were all D’ni locations. There were four trains, very distinct from one another. I had not thought of this in years, what brought it to my mind now? I know I love Ercanna, and my recent trips through there stirred the thoughts of spending more time there…..but why the persistent thoughts?

I wandered through, and up to the Path of the Shell symbol….


I had been confusing Path of the Shell with Eders…the Eder door symbol, was not the Path of the Shell symbol!!!!!

Maybe this is why the nagging thoughts…something definitely was not right.

I walked …determined through the symbol….

Ercanna broke up pieces, and the mountains loomed in the distance and then starry nothingness. I felt like I was suspended in space for hours…like falling from the Bahro caves…but not.

What had happened?

What was I going to find?
Where was I going to find myself?

I looked at my KI…blank…again.

Then, after what felt like 6 or more hours, I landed….hard…in a cave, with one wall that I could see through to…what I do not know. It was not really the typical floating symbol..it was on glass..ish. I walked up to it and touched the symbol. The wall changed to snowflakes. They were beautiful, symmetrical, etched black wwith gold and silver circles…and when I touched them…my hand went through.

OKAY, I was not planning on this…I was going to go to the Cleft,….I was going to retrace that path…that ever elusive PATH!!!!

Fine…I give up…one of these days I will make the trek from Cleft to City….but the adventurous spirit in me would not let that be today.

I walked through the pattern….

My Ercanna mountains stood at my feet, tall and looming…and….a train.

A Train??? From my dreams, from my age ideas….a digger,

The train that could go through, through what? Rock? Snow?

I settled in to find out what this could do. After wandering about I had no choice. There was nothing in this barren wasteland, no building, no place for shelter other than the train. I would freeze if I did not get this train working…soon.

The cars of this train lead me to believe it was used to go through rock. With two engines pushing the front digger car, it has a lot of power behind it. I can not believe that it is just powered by coal though

There are coal cars, but I can not access them.

The caboose is a living quarters of sorts, and I managed to get some heat on and find some warm clothes. I feel like a coal miner….

I decided to concentrate on getting at least one of the engines running. Something in the controls leads me to believe that they are not run by coal. They are very similar to the control room with the flat black surface I had encountered before. I went to the front car, and settled at the controls there. It seemed that there were three sets here, to run each of the engine type cars, whereas the other two engine cars just had one set of controls.

I set my hand on the surface…nothing. Why?

It was smooth, and as black as the other surfaces…maybe I needed to remove the glove.

I held my hand to the surface…I had expected it to be cold…It was not.

A scale appeared beside the black surface, and the thermostat slowly crept up…..-7….4…..16….27….32….35…36.5, 36.6, and then when it was at body temperature, I heard gears grind, and felt a slow motion of the wheels on the track…

I was moving!!!! But to where?

At this point I really did not care, I was glad that something, for once, was rather simple. I rode down the track, through the snowy cold landscape. I rode for a while, and my hand began to get a cramp. Every time I took my hand off the pad I would slow down. I wondered if the other two cars, with someone at the controls, made the train go faster. It would make sense, for I could feel that I was pulling a heavy load…and the digger was not spinning. Since I had no way to test my theory, I was content to slowly rumble down the tracks…..until I saw a dark tunnel.

NO WAY. I was not going to go into that tunnel without checking it out first.

NO WAY!!!!

I took my hand off the panel and slowed to a stop.

It did not take me long to decide to walk through the tunnel and see what was in there, or on the other side. I walked through the icy coldness, shivering at every step, partially from the cold, but mostly from fear. I noticed the tunnel, as it turned pitch black, get warmer. I walked for nearly an hour in almost total darkness, afraid to turn on a light for fear of what I would see. I saw a dim light ahead..the exit to the tunnel. As I came out I was awed with the beauty of an over grown forest, with a rocky cliff on either side of the train tracks.

Should I go back and get the train? I turned to look back at the tunnel I had exited.


I have no desire to walk through that darkness again. I will have to explore and see what is here first. Ahead the track flowed through a greenery of splendor. It was quiet, too quiet.

In all of this greenery there should be some life. Birds should be singing. Okay, now I have sufficiently creeped myself out. Why was it so quiet?? I had no explanation, but I was going to enjoy the quiet and beauty of this tunneled track.

I finally exited the over growth to a rocky, overgrown cliff. The train track curved around several twists and then exited to an abandoned train car.
It was completely overgrown and dilapidated, but still so beautiful.

The warming temperatures prompted the removal of the warm clothes I had donned in the engine train car, and so I decided to leave them in this caboose train for safe keeping. I would need them if I were to take this trek back to the train engine.

Up to this point nothing seemed Dn’i ish. …except for the initial fact that I had linked here, I would think I was any where on earth. As I went into the caboose I was met with a shock. The inside was immaculate and clean, and new. had I stepped back in time??? again???

I looked out the windows, but could see….nothing. Although bright sunshine filtered through the windows, when I looked out all I could see was white nothingness.

So…now what?????

I realized how tired I was, and although I was in puzzlement over my situation I decided that this was as good of a place as any…better than most, to get some sleep. I found a pillow, a foam mat, and some blankets in the seat storage, made a bed and lay down for a much needed rest.

Dreams…fitful, detailed dreams kept me from getting much rest. The same places I had just been through, except they were new, bright, alive. Like the inside of this caboose. I am wondering if I need to do something to make it so…wonder….the clothes I had brought from the engine train with me into the caboose……

I had to test my theory. I took the clothes, and went out of the caboose. I left the clothes back on the track, and went into the caboose….

It was as I would have expected in the first place…old, rundown.

So, having something from the beginning of the trek down the tracks, changed things here, but as I compared the changes, I noticed…it was as if the old was renovated, not like the new looking was original. So bringing the train through will…”renovate” this area??? How is that for quick gardening and landscaping? I have to try my theory.

I went back through the tunnels…almost at a run. I shone a small light at my feet to see where I was going, but dared not look around. The train has a light…I will be able to see, as I come through in the safety of the train….but what will I see??? What differences will there be?

This time…I WANT to change things…..because of my dream I feel I must.

I positioned myself at the controls and the train moved oh so slowly, but I started through the tunnel….It was not at all as I expected.

There was no hint of either end’s landscape. It was just a lit, cement-like tube…but as I rode the train through I did feel the temperature rise, to match the warmer climate on the other side.

When I exited the tunnel, I could see the change immediately. Things were not overgrown and wild, and the birds flitted through the trees.

I went to the place where the train car had stood, and there it was..in pristine condition, with the inside as immaculate as I had seen it.

With all of the activity I found myself tired, and I wanted to take a nap, but my curiosity to explore this area, was too much to ignore

I followed the track for about an hour, and then as I rounded a bend, the scene changed….fall foliage covered the trees, and the ground was colored with fallen leaves, also the birds had stopped singing. I decided that the hour walk back to the train was too much. I wanted to see what lay ahead without the changes that could come with bringing the train through. I continued to walk on.

The way became disheveled again, old, and broken. Should I go back?? No…I wanted to see what this place looked like, in it’s present condition. I kept walking…hoping for some place to take a rest soon, as I was getting very tired. I passed a few paths that led off the track. I would have to explore them!!!

Then…..the scene before me changed at the next bend……to a vast open field….fall fell away, and a storm brewing on the horizon that loomed far in the distance.

Nothing to be seen for miles and miles….No way there was a place to get any rest. I decided to take one of the paths that led off the tracks.

This path led through a beautiful arbor of sorts, and then came out at a small lake.

A plank bridge spanned the water and led to a small cabin. Oh good, a place to rest!!! Putting aside any thought of danger, any fears, for everything seemed quiet, and peaceful, I headed to the cabin……..AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

If you know me at all, you know what the scream was all about.AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH….and the yell could have continued, for what seemed to be an endless amount of time….I was falling….Before I got to the cabin the walkway and cabin disappeared and I fell away, into nothingness. It was like when I was looking out of the new caboose windows. Was it that I had ventured too far into the old setting, and I had not gotten the train through with me to do a reset???

I may never know, but I finally ‘landed’, if you can call it that. It was more like I linked…and was standing here…looking at a very odd building/rock..umm..what was this???

It looked to be carved out of a solid boulder, and it sat all alone on the crest of this hill. I walked around it from a distance. No sound was heard, and no sign of life. I finally mustered the courage to venture up and peek in a window. No one. I tried the door that was at the backside of the ‘house’, and it made a noise like a mill stone grinding grain, as it, being stone as well, slid over the threshold. To my right was this set of stairs, that went to the small tower I saw from the outside.

It was also carved out of the stone, with wood steps added on top, and wooden handrails inset to the stone wall.From the tower I could see down into the valley…and what a valley!!!

It was right out of a story!!!But opposite to this ‘house’ it was full of life….I had seen someone go into the far cottage, and the sheep grazed on the hillside. I could hear voices, and could smell cooking…oh…I was hungry!!!!

I dare not venture over the hill….besides not knowing if my presence will change things, I do not know what those changes could be. he changes could be devastating. I decided to explore the inside of this rock house.

That was when I discovered……Books….many of them….. and all D’ni!!!…but not just that…they were all linking books. Two led to the trains environments I had already been through, one led to the sheep hill I had seen from the tower. Most led to beautiful, restful looking spots, and two more led to two other trains that I had not yet seen.

So…..did I stumble on a separate link to these worlds?? Which one was original?? It would seem that they were meant to be found individually, but that some point in time they had been linked, by those engineered tunnels, but by whom?

I looked at the other two train environments that I had not yet been through, on the train.

..I had left winter, and rode through to summer….I walked through to fall……mmmmmm……which of the trains is the fall train?? Or are they even seasonal. I guess I should not assume that they are, for neither of them look fallish….and the one…has the Eder symbol..but it seemed an impossibility…how?? and if I did go there…how would I get out??? Except through an Eder symbol that seems to be hovering…will it take me back to Er’canna?

Although the other train looked to be quite old and inoperable, it looked to be the safer of the two choices…if I were to go there at all.

Maybe I should just go back and ride the train through and see where I end up…but how do I go back???

Wait….I saw a book with that cabin….could I simply go back that way???

I opened the book….

There was the cabin…exactly where I had been before I took one too many steps and fell……………..so, if I go back……………..

Yes, I must go back. I will know how to get here again if the need arises, plus, if I ride the train all the way through, I will change things…and maybe the things I see in those books will be what are in the environments I go to with the ride through the train. Oh my!! THIS IS GETTING CONFUSING!!!

So back I go….

and here I am..now to step back………..

Okay good. I made my way back through the area to the waiting train. It was as I had left it. Placing my hand on the panel I powered her up and headed down the track. I passed through to the fall foliage, but it was alive with birds, and all sorts of flying bugs. I stayed the course and let the train rumble on through the countryside until I came to another precise tunnel…the same as the other, and oh soooooooooooooo boring…..

I mean, I like adventure, and I like to get my adrenaline rushing a bit, but this all has my adrenaline frozen!!!

I exited the tunnel to the smell of wild flowers, a fresh cool breeze, and my hillside village….it was spring, and the baby sheep frolicked with through the fields.

It was the village I saw from the tower of the stone house, but there was no sign of the stone house. The track rambled through the area, and the sheep paid it little attention. I saw a farmer lift his gaze as I rambled by….I waved…..


They can see me, and they are not afraid!!??

Should I stop the train?

Are they expecting the train to stop?

It does not seem so. The farmer went back to his work and never paid me any more mind.

I rode on……hesitant to disrupt things, and feared to make a mistake.

The track left the village, and rumbled up through the rocky hillside.

The area looked familiar. It was the rocky ledges that I saw in the book, with the train stuck on a rock outcropping…..I slowed. In the picture there was an Eder symbol.

I looked back through my pictures, and tried to judge the time of day that the symbol is visible. The shadow is half way up the mountains with the eastern wall facing me, so it must be mid afternoon. It was 11:20 am…I had some time. I stopped the train at the spot, as close as possible that I saw the train in the book….and waited.

Where would I exit?

I wandered around and around the train…and stopped numerous times to stare at the spot the link should show….All I really wanted to do was go back to the Cleft…and follow the path of Ghen and Atrus!! Was that really too much too ask??

I love a good adventure, but the feeling like there was something,or SOMEONE!!! attempting to KEEP me from my mission was too much to ignore.

Every time I would get close….every single time….. I was met with a curve ball!

That was beginning to be crystal clear. Then I heard the sound……

I made a mad dash for the symbol that appeared. …just as I figured it would…..and linked.

I landed in Er’cana, but it was as if I had never been here. There was no sign of the symbol that I had passed through…and no sign of buddies on my KI. I had to check other things…..my Hood.
I was no longer a member of Cavern Events Hood.
It was a brand new hood.
I have to find out what is going on.

So people know me…but there seems to have been two other avies lurking around, but were they me? I have no remembrance of them.
NancyGrace and AngelMystII…I will have to see what is up with them.
I explored the whereabouts of the two avis…..aforementioned…..they are no where to be found…they seem to have poofed when I came back from my adventures….good..one of me is enough!!

“A memory…..from when I had first learned of the D’ni some 16 years ago flitted through my dreams like a butterfly on a field of flowers.”

The memory…the memory….was not.
It would seem all was a dream.
I was, right as I was, before I went through the symbol in Er’cana.

So I must try again.
I MUST GET THROUGH!!! I must follow Ghens path.

AA #13 Angel’s in the Mist

The adventures in me would not be stopped.

After the thaw, and the ages returning to somewhat normalcy, I had a hard time getting back to the Cavern. Every time I would visit, there seemed to be something missing.

Today, as I walked thru the City….all alone, except for a couple sleepy visitors, I had the unmistakable feeling that I was being followed. I hid…dodged, and ducked , to get a view of who was creeping me out.

Then….I saw him.

” You give up fast Angel….I thought for sure you would find my path easily….but instead, you found many of my hidden gems. You still have one more gem to find.


“What, are you doing here? You are dead……long dead, your corpse is dust, blown in the wind. I must be day dreaming…..you are not here!”

” Oh, I’m here……the Caverns are my roaming ground…every time you hear a Bahro cry, I am not far away. You, however, are why I am here today….you quit on me…..I wanted you to find my path. There are things to be discovered that only you will find….you have found much, but there is one…as I said….one more gem.”

” Your gems almost killed me!”

“No…you were never in any real danger…perceptions are just that….not reality.

GO….seek….go to where you started, you will find what you need to continue the journey. I need you to find one more thing. ”

With that he was gone….like Mal off the map, he just poofed.

Where did I start? So many journies?

I started with building my boat…..Ferry Terminal???

No….down the cliffs behind the library….that’s where I really started…that’s where the fire started, the drive to seek.

Dare I trust Ghen??

I decided I had very little choice ….I had to find out what GEM he was talking about.

I took a couple days to get my gear in order. I headed down behind the library, fully expecting my boat to be there….but, it was not.

“Why am I surprised, this is Ghen I am dealing with”

I was ready to climb back up, when I saw it…a little note.



Ghens path started in Cleft. I’ll have to change my gear a bit.

I got rid of the things I would have needed in my boat, and added more food, then I headed to Cleft.

I am surprised that the DRC, or its counterpart, has never done something with getting this entrance either sealed or made safe and open to the public. It would be about time for the world to know of the Dn’i….their story needs to be told. More than just a few brave explorers need to know of this place. With all the advances, we could make the Cavern thrive again

The entrance was as I left it. A few blue flowers were struggling in the heat. I could totally empathise with them. I picked a bad day to start. It was 108 degrees…but it would be cool soon enough.

I wandered the slightly familiar path, through the’wormhole’ as Ghen had called it, down the steep slope, thankful the floor was dry. I came to the Well…a perfect circle, with blackness that could be felt beyond it. I stood on the narrow ledge, and envisioned young Atrus, standing here with Ghen…..when I heard it.

“So, you have decided to listen to me….I knew that your curiosity would not be denied.”


“Well, yes, and no…..I am the same Ghen you encountered in the Cavern, but I am really in your imagination. Along the journey, when you are in exact spots I have been…if you stop and contemplate, I will be here. I really want to help you…I want you to follow my exact path….there is something you must find.”

With that he was gone. So I am to have a guide of sorts.

Again I ask myself the question.

Dare I trust Ghen?

I decided that to trust Ghen and continue thru the Cavern, trying to follow his path as close as possible was my best option. I had already been trying that option, and for some reason Ghen decided to intervene and get me to take another plunge….almost literally, as I looked into the massive shaft, barely making out the steps that threaded down the great hole.
This time I was a bit more sure of myself, having my relto book at the ready…just in case.😉
My lamp made creepy shadows on the rock, and a couple times I almost scared myself.
I could hear Ghens taunt to Atrus….”Would you like me to hold your hand, perhaps?” I then did what Atrus did, I imagined I was inside a great Tree….my Tree.
After several hours of tunnels, I came to the eder tomahn. The awe I felt on my first sight of this place was just as enormous as now. I looked at my image in the stone.
” Angel”, I said to myself, ” What have you gotten yourself into? You nearly died on this fools errand once…you saw yourself….dead…in the future, you got lost, stranded, and nearly eaten by a beast…seriously girl, are you nuts!!?”
My reflection did not answer, if she had of, I would have confirmed my insane suppositions, and maybe headed back to the surface……but I opened the now unlocked door, and headed to the bunk, where Atrus has slept, and fell asleep peacefully. Was it my imagination, or did I smell Ghens pipe tobacco as I drifted off to sleep?

I awoke to Ghen shaking me awake. Just like he had Atrus a thousand lifetimes ago.
“So, day one, and you are still with me. Thought maybe the sight of those stairs would have driven you off….but it seems to me you have descended them before. Am I right?”
” Yes,” I managed to say, not knowing if I was dreaming or if this was another of his appearances.
Ghen handed me a sack,
“Here, you will need these later.”
I opened to find several firemarbles. I ran them through my hands, amazed at their smooth feel.
“Let’s get going,” he said, and this time he did not leave me. He led the way thru tunnels and caverns.
Finally he spoke again.
” Do you like this spot,?” He asked as he pointed to the scene before us.
I was in awe….I had not remembered this when I was here before. Crystal cascading from high above, rippling at my feet in breathtaking beauty.
Then he was gone again. Why did he take the time to show me drip stone. Was this one of the Gems he spoke of?
Where the path should have been was a pile of stones , and a light that led ahead, that should not have been there.
Then ….
” Go, this is one of those Gems…it is just for you.”
Now why would Ghen have something just for me. I was not sure what to do. I decided to start moving the rocks, and as I did the path showed itself to be the path of the shell!

Why was there a path here? It made zero sense. If only I could go and then backtrack if it was a problem. This was not a game, I could not save my progress here, and then just come back if I died. I did not have a good feeling about this.

I decided to ignore this Gem and Ghen, and backtrack to find another path. I knew I had several hours of travel before I would come to the path to D’ni. I came to find the Path, not some wild gem dangled before my face by a madman.

I wandered for three hours with no sign of Ghen, did he give up? No, not a chance, this was Ghen I was dealing with, he was not going to giveup. I could not shake the feeling that he had something siniser in mind. was he trying to hide something? Did I find somethings that I was not supose to find in my other adventures? I had seen ages that noone else knew existed. were these ages written by Ghen? I may neveer know, but right now this was not my concern. I wanted to get to the City.

After a few more hours I smelled the faint, unmistakable odor of sulfur. I adden more light to my path with my flashlight. Up to this point I was travelling with firemarble light. I wiped away layers of dirt and dust. Marble floor. I did not know I was here, since the centuries of accumulation had muffled my footfalls. The sulfur smell should be stronger.

I followed the path to a sheer drop. Where should have been a bubbling lake of lava, there was darkness, with just a few tiny cracks of sulfur steam seeping through. The bridge ahead was as it should be, except the section that was broken, was now fixed. Instead of a narrow piece of D’ni stone, there was very new construction. Who had been here? I did not know if I wanted to know the answer to that question.

I steeled my nerve and pressed on across the bridge. In a brief time, in relation to the past hours, I was in a cool cavern. It was time to rest…if I could.

Sleep came fast and hard, but not unhindered by dreams. Bahro screeching, drills whirring, linking sounds, voices. They seemed so real. I woke in a startle. That last linking sound was so real…..someone had been here. There was a small fire burning, with a pot of coffee brewing. The unmistakable aroma was welcome, but….who? Certainly not Ghen. This was current century supplies.

I decided that anyone who would bring me coffee, was not an enemy. I savored the coffee, cleaned up the site, and was going to douse the fire, but thought it better to let it burn. It was not in any danger of spreading, and I may have to come back.

One more day of travel and I will be in D’ni, if all goes well. Still no sign of Ghen. That had me puzzled. I still had a very uneasy feeling. I was in unfamiliar territory. All I had to go by was Ghen’s journal. I was expecting a difficult path. Ghen had described fallen rock, missing floor, and a massive pool filled with water from above. After almost two hours of travel, I was shocked to find a clear path. The ledge that circled the cavern was clear of all dirt, and a railing had been placed where it was more precarious. I descended then climbed, passing one tunnel, and then coming to a large one. From Ghen’s notes the Gate was not far.

As much as I wanted to get there today, I was tired. I figured now was as good a time as any to take a rest. I wanted to be well rested and alert when I reached the southern boundary of the D’ni.

I woke, very refreshed, and surprised that I had no dreams, no strange sounds in the night, no sign of Ghen. I ate a bit of my rations, and set off, wishing someone had made me coffee again.

It was not far to the Gate, but when I arrived at where it should have been, I saw the same pile of stones, and scene that I had met before. …and Ghen!

I told you I had one more Gem, and you ignored it, now you have no choice. Give up this fools errand of following my path to D’ni, or go through this path. You moved these stones once, it should be no problem for you to move them again.

I stood, frozen in my tracks. Should I just ignore him, and walk on, hoping this was all some kind of illusion? How could I have been so foolish to have trusted Ghen? but this was my dream, my destiny. I could not just give up, Ghen or no Ghen. I tried to walk forward, the rocks were very real, and I was not getting through. Good thing Ghen could not read my mind, because I wanted to pick up the biggest stone I could, and hurl it at his pompus head!

Angel, just follow the Path of the Shell.

He sounded so calm, so reassuring, so sinister, and down right scary……but I had to. I was compelled by my sense of adventure to go forward. Also something Yeesha has said,”The circle is complete, ….The beginning is tied to the end…. Now you can go where you wish.” If all that is true, maybe this is necessary. Maybe it will help me understand.

So I began the task of moving the rocks. They seemed lighter, but it was probably my imagination. When I was finished I looked over to when Ghen was sitting, calmly smoking his pipe. I had to take a rest, so much for entering the borders of the D’ni kingdom rested. If I entered at all that is.

after I had rested for a bit, Ghen spoke, calm and unbelievably reassuringly, “This gem will answer your questions, you will know what it means to be D’ni. You must make this trek before you go the the City.”

So I checked my .backpack. Everything I could think of, that I may need,was in place. I began to follow the Path of the Shell, having no idea where it led.

I walked into mist…not Myst…MIST, so thick I could feel it. All around me were voices.

Ghen, Yeesha, Atrus, and various people from the City, all speaking in a jumble. On I walked…and walked. Three hours had passed, and I was beginning to feel like I would go MAD!. I felt the ground, hard, marble feel. I had to sit and rest. Sleep was fitful. The voices kept pounding in my head. Linking sounds, many linking sounds.The smell of fresh brewed coffee then overpowered by sulfur. I woke in a sweat. Trembling with fear, I rose and started walking again. More hours passed. I checked my KI. Nothing. It had no power, I was alone,lost in this Mist.

I decided to write this all down now, and hopefully someone will find it.

I wandered for what seemed to be two more days, being driven mad with voices, and smells. Then, when I had no food left, and had been maybe two more days with no water,I heard one distinct voice.

“Angel, angel, wake up”. It was my friend, Glendor, and I found myself in sleeping position at the Ferry Terminal.

“What day is this?”

“Why, it is Saturday, you were going to head to Cleft, and do another attempt at tracing Ghen’s path today. I brought you that water purifying kit you asked me to find.”

“What? I have not gone yet, the past several days was all a dream?” A dream, maybe, but as I made my way up the stairs I could not shake the smell of pipe tobacco from my nostrils.

But it could not have been a dream. It was too real. I visited with buds in the city for a bit, and linked to my realto to close up for the night.

GHEN…in my relto!!!

What are you doing here?

Where is here Angel? Look around, is this your Relto?

No…it was not. I decorate my Relto to seasons, this one had everything on…not mine, whose?

I did not wait to find out, I ran for the edge to relto out to my relto…..but I ended up back in the never ending fog, with nothing. No backpack…..

So I was here.

Ghen…you madman, what are you doing to me?

You, angel, are too curious…too adventuresome. Your explorations have cost me too much.

This is your final Gem.

Enjoy it….on your tombstone.

Goodbye Angelmyst.

AA#12 The Undiscovered Door


Well..that was an interesting HOLIDAY??!! I almost need a holiday to recouperate from my Holiday.

Things had pretty much gotten back to a semblance of normality. Normal is such a relavent term. I do not know if there has been much for normal in my little world for several years.

I was about my day, at work, when I was approached by a distinguished gentleman in his mid to late 70’s. The first thing about him I noticed, besides his kingly bearing, was a very awesome walking stick.  It was carved ornately with ivy all up the main shaft. The top had a very familiar looking marble, and around the base, where the marble was snuggled, were carved several, small……path-of-the-shell symbols.

“Have you been to Ae’gura lately, angelmyst?” He said, as I was admiring his walking stick.

I froze!

“Pardon me?” I responded, after regaining my senses.

“Yes, I know who you are, and I know of the D’ni. As you can see,” as he held up his walking stick, ” I too have been on the Path. Come, follow me, I have something to show you.”

I followed, eagerly, reluctantly, hesitantly…..a whole bundle of emotions played through my mind. Who was this? Where was he taking me? Do I want to go? None of my questions had any immediate answers. what was even more strange is, he led the way to the back room of the store where I was working. I was allowed back there…but he…was not. He walked back like he owned the place.

“Look”, he said, as he pointed to a wall of compactors.”What do you see?”

“I see compactors,” I answered. Garbage compactors.

“No, look again, look as angelmyst would look…they need your help…Go…Now”

I looked. And before me stood an open door. The compactors were gone, and so was the old man.


I was not ready for another adventure..but the urgency of the man was too much to ignore.

In I went.

…and out I came….


Great…two paths…frozen paths.

I wandered to the right, and noticed something strange. It was not cold. Sure, all was white with snow, and icy, but I was not cold.

Something was oddly familiar as I wandered down the path. I rounded a corner and found myself in a very frozen relto…..was this my relto?

Frozen Relto (4)

I looked at my viewer, and yes it was mine, but why was it frozen.

I went in the hut to check out my book case. All seemed normal, with the exception of a few icecycles….I decided to go check other ages. I headed to Teledahn.



It too was frozen.

My next stop was GZ….and the City. Both were frozen….frozen. Then I noticed something….Frozen City (1)

Nothing was moving…and when I checked my KI….the time was not passing. I was also frozen in time. I went back to my relto. As I sat on my bench over looking the vast frozen, I heard a voice behind me.

“Hello, angelmyst, so glad  Tena’tarah was able to find you.”

I turned to my frozen trees, to see this woman.

“Oh, is that who he was….and who are you?” I asked.

“I am Yeesha, but not as you have known me, I am the product of this frozen wasteland. Something has happened to the ages, and we think you can help fix it.”

“You….are…Yeesha?” I asked, barely believing my ears.

“Yes, and these lovely creatures, are Bahro…just changed again by this frozen land.


Yeesha certainly looked different, but the voice was unmistakable, as she continued to  explain my being summoned to the ages.

“All of the ages, are frozen. The visitors to the ages cannot see the changes, except for you, as I have allowed it, but frozen it is. No new visitors are permitted to enter the D’ni Cavern. This has caused an upset in the balance of the Lake. No one is adding to the Pellet count, and no one is keeping the doors maintained. The few visitors in the ages are doing their best, but there is not enough. We need the interaction to survive. Since you, dear angelmyst, have ventured beyond the DRC chosen ages, and have seen that there is more to be discovered, you muct understand that new life is needed, requested, to thaw the ages. Only when the current ages are thawed can new ages be found and explored. I, Yeesha, make this request of you.Do what you can yo open the doors….we need you.”

With that she was gone, and I was back at the store, at the garbage compactor.


No matter how I tried, I could not “see” the door.

So how….am ….I …suppose….to….”thaw” the ages? How am I suppose to get new life into the Cavern?

My plea…to the Powers that be…..open the ages. This is not my request. This is Yeesha’s request.



AA #11 Return to The Valley of Shells

and………………..this is what happens when I take a HOLIDAY!!!!

With my love for the mountains, and warm weather, I had decided to take a holiday here….The Glenwood Hot Springs in Colorado.

Captain Richard Sopris heard about these legendary healing waters, and he and his party of geographic explorers found the sacred healing spot in 1860. It became world-renowned as a healing wonder set in a mountain paradise. Around the turn of the century, the Golden Age of Mineral Spas, it was referred to as “Spa of the Rockies”.

The perfect place for me to rest and relax.

I had gone exploring, as my nature is, and I took a rest by the lake. I was reading throught the journal that I had recorded from Angel’s Gateway. I also had the linking book that had came with me, which I had tucked safely away in my wardrobe. I had thought often of the inhabitants of this age…..wondered how they were doing. I went walking off towards the mountains and came across this ancient path.


The stones were upheaved in places but recognizable as a path. I thought over my situation. I was dressed for a hike, as that was my plan, and I had food with me…should I explore right now??

The desire was too strong to turn back, but before I realized it the path lead to the edge of the water again, and the sun was setting…and…..this…and it looked very familiar.


I opened the linking book that I had found in the Mountain age on my Adventure, Angel’s Gateway…..the picture was the same!!! Without hesitation I placed my hand on the picture in the linking book…..

I linked, to the hills that were familiar….but not directly on the ski hill. I was on a path…..a path like the one I had been following, only in good repair.


I followed it around, not knowing what I would find.


It led to this huge reed forest…very familiar…but from a different adventure. This looked like the Valley of Shells, but how? Could the two locations be related?

I wandered through the reeds…..and I was back….


AS I exited the reeds, I was in my Valley of Shells. Much had changed. The Valley had a gentler slope…but what of my Hippo Beetle?? How did this age connect with the Ski Hill of Angel’s Gateway? When In time was I?

It was spring, or summer…no activity on the Ski hills that were off the other side of the water to my right.

I decided to walk around the water and see if I could find the scenes that were etched in my mind.


The valley of Shells behind me, I followed the path to the ski hill. All was quiet. The lift sat motionless. I made my way up the slope, to find the ski lodge.

When I arrived at the top, I was rewarded, in fashin, with a confirmation of my suspisions…I am in the PAST!!

The ski lodge was just in the beginning stages of being built. I can not even begin to describe my feelings.
The lift controls are operable, and it seems they are being used to transfer building materials. I looked in my linking book for this age….the page….was…blank. I will need to find the Gateway door to get out of here!!

How am I going to explain my disappearance from my hotel back in Colorado…back in TIME!! I guess, at this moment, I am not there…OH My…how am I going to sort this out? I wonder, if I leave the book, and go out thru the GAteway, if it will affect the fact I was here in the first place…and erase the damage I did on my first visit?

I need to go back to the Gateway room..my Jalak room. I made my way down the slope, and to the area where I remembered the door to be….and it was there, but still very new.

I went into the Jalak like room. The note was gone, or I guess not here yet, and the pillars did not rise or fall. It was very new. This time, in a nook in one wall, was a book….It was a link to the cave, the one I had found in my very first adventure.

I decided to link thru…if it was too strange, I always had my relto book, and it still showed real time. I linked….when I came into the room I was met by a room full of people!!

I was speechless. I sat on a familiar chair, although new, and felt for the ski hill linking book…it was gone. I had nothing to use to explain my presence….except….

My relto book, but it is from the future, I am from the future, although how far I do not know. All these thoughts running through my mind in a brief few seconds.

A man, who looks vaguely familiar askes a question, and pulls me from my scattered thoughts. It is then I notice they also have relto books. I also notice, a familiar symbol…DRC. This could be interesting.

With a few things in mind I quickly put the date of my current link around 1998. Since the official DRC restoration was in 1997, I figure that this secret meeting was during the time they wanted to get the cavern ready for explorers. The familiar face…I believe to be Dr. Watson, and one other figure I think is Phil Henderson.

Oh, my…I should not be here!!!

This is obviously a meeting place, and the conversation I interrupted, was about what to do about the age….an age they had not explored…yet, an age I was familiar with. If I say something, what will it do to the timeline? So many thoughts, in so short a time. One thing is certain. With the ski hill book gone, I had already set in motion the change of the time line…and…Those dear people…were safe from my meddling curriosity.

Less than a min. had passed since my link in. I still heard the echo of Dr. Watsons question,


With the echo in my ears, I reached for my Relto Book…poof.

I was back in the safety of my CURRENT time relto.

Now to get back to The Glenwood Hot Springs in Colorado, and resume my holiday…with the peace, that those dear folk are safe…..or are they??


AA # 10, Perfect 10





Cross the Bridge

I was wandering thru the City…minding my own business…looking for GZ markers.

I started across the bridge, and it changed before my eyes!!!

This rickety old bridge, leading into misty nothingness lay before me.

I backed up…

City Bridge was back…


Inch forward….mist


I found the sweet spot, a hair forward and I am faced with the wierd bridge, back and I am fine…..


Do I really want to do this??? Now???

I am not prepared for an adventure. I have to go change.

Changed and ready…I wandered across the bridge..through the fog

through the fog

through the fog

through the fog

Fog Bank

I walked for  a good 15 mins., not seeing where i was going, or where I had been….I could not see anything, not even my hand in front of may face, unless it was 6 inches in front of my nose.

This fog was THICK!!!!

but it was not wet…or smelly…or…anything.

It was just weird!!

Then I saw this scene before my face, as I emerged the fog bank.

Cleft way out there

Was that Cleft??? Way off in the distance I could see a lone dark mountain. It sure looked like Cleft, but HOW???

I wandered towards the  ever growing mass of rock.

Yes it is the Cleft

It is Cleft…but how???


who was that up in the air above the cauldron?

I have no answers..but more questions?

What did I miss on my journey through the Caverns from City to Cleft that is causing me to still “find” strange things??

Me thinks, angelmysts adventures are not over…but where else could there be an entrance to the D’ni Caverns?? Time for some serious travels.

Caves have always held somewhat of a facination with me. So to stretch my imagination beyond the Cleft entrance to D’ni, was not to hard to do.

Surely a civilization such as the D’ni must have another entrance.

I am determined to find it….my first area of search will be West….I packed and headed up to Cleft…..then headed to the next logical geologically sound spot that could house a secret entrance to the D’ni civilization…..The Grand Canyon!!

I caught a ride with an elderly couple, out on a second honeymoon. He too had a facination for Caves, and gave me many valuable tips for exploring. After an 8 hour drive, they let me off where I 180 meets Center Road. I did not want to go into town. I did not want to draw any unnecessary attention.

I made my way off the S. Entrance Road to a trail. The Arizona National Scenic Trail. This first leg, was 2.2 miles…about a 45 min walk. Since this was an organized trail, I decided to dress less ‘D’ni’ and blend in as best possible.


I then headed to Rim Trail. A 1.3 mile walk to where I decided to set up a camp for the night.IMG_20160119_140948504.jpg

I had to wait a while, until no one was around, then I made my way to the edge…and down the canyon…by rope…alone. I found a quiet nook, and snuggled in for the night.

Early the next morning I made my way across the canyon, to what looked like an open spot. I had chosen a good time of year to explore…very few people were sround, and by the time I decided to descent farther, I was out of sight of any other explorers.

I wandered Tonto Trail down to  what was very fittingly named Bright Angel Trail. I was nearing the same elevation as Cleft…..only. I still had to go farther down before I would be anywhere near the depth of the Caverns of the D’ni.

I had come over 12 miles today…long arduous travel..and I was tired. I looked around for a quiet place to rest.

Bronson Caves in Griffith Park.

And then I saw it…a small opening….

Ever D’ni sense in me tingled…..I could almost smell the moist air…the sufur…the adventure!!!!

I went through my pack and made sure all was in order. I had the feeling that when I went into this cave, I would not be out until I came to the D’ni…somewhere  in one of the Ages, but with the strange bridge I encountered in the City, I was certain I would come out there..somewhere.

If I thought of the actual distance on the surface, from where I was to the Cleft, this trek was a daunting one….but I know….I just know there will be a link…somewhere. Somehting is telling me there is more to discover…and that something guided me here. Spiderman has a spider sense…I have a D’ni sense…I can feel it!

After walking as far as I could see, and then feeling my way along for a bit, I reached into my pack and pulled out the fire marbles I had  brought along. They work better than any flashlight.

images (1)

The cave lit up in splendor!! My compass added to my KI, and I tried as best to head East. I wish I had an altimeter…I could feel the pressures somewhat, but had no idea how deep I was. The whole time I have been going very gradually down.

images (2)

The ahead the light caught colors. Reds Greens Yellows and blues shimmered on the rocks. The rock looked very D’ni  ish.


My minor obsession with shapes, and crevasses, made me wonder…”What is up with that pionting finger/hand shape on the rock??”

I put my hand up to the rock, and covered the shape.


That ever familiar linking sound……………………….and I was here….

city with no tent

The City??? but different.

No tent, so was this before the DRC started their investigations and restorations?? The map is here?? Now I am confused..((Surprise surprise))

I know where I am..but WHEN am I? Have I gone back in the past, or ahead to the future?

I checked my KI..buds on my bud list….

I am glad to see someone around…but the only place I can get to is here…private city…nothing else works.
No buds seem to be answering my hellos…..

I wandered the city for hours…………………….
nothing…no one.
I can see my buds…and see the links on my KI..but I can not link to Nexus..or even to my Relto

This must be a different timeframe, but the KI is registering…
I wondered…where in city could I find a hand in the rocks…

Then I remembered..the museum.

5 podeums…5 links that are missing??? Is one of them to the Grand Canyon?
I tried them all, but the middle one kept giving me tingles….

After several tries, I hit the sweet spot…and linked out.




Back to the Grand Canyon wall with the hand Print….

Okay, so..now what. I found a link from Grand CAnyon to the city of the D’ni at some point in time..but I do not know the point. I think I am going to cut this expedition here….Something has caught my thoughts….

5 pedestles…..5 links

the middle one is from The Grand Canyon, so where are the others from. I could not access them from in the City….I have to find where on earth they are. So I will do some research, and plan some trips.

This is not over folks!!!

I did some research and found some likely areas to explore…

Number ONE:

Georgia’s Okefenokee Swamp is about 700 square miles of beautiful, fascinating wilderness, one of the oldest and most primitive swamps in America. Swamps normally aren’t suited for exploring by wandering tourists, but the Okefenokee is.

Spring…less heat..less mosquitoe…maybe I’ll head here first.


Number TWO:

Jericho, the city of Palms, is the oldest inhabited city on Earth. Because it is near the Dead Sea, which is more than 400 meters below sea level, Jericho stays warm throughout the year.Warm…like that idea…maybe in the winter i’ll check this one out.


Number THREE:
The TauTona Mine  is a gold mine in South Africa. At 3.9 kilometers (2.4 mi) deep it is currently home to the world’s deepest mining operations.
This one would take some planning…and some creativity to explore…..
Number FOUR:
Georgetown is the capital of Guyana. It is the country’s largest urban centre. It is situated on the Atlantic Ocean coast at the mouth of the Demerara River and it was nicknamed ‘Garden City of the Caribbean.’
So I decided to stay in the US…and headed  to Georgia.
I flew into
P adDavis FieldAirport on
Hangar Road in the  city of
Folkston, GA.
Davis Field is a county-owned public-use airport located three nautical miles southwest of the central business district of Folkston, a city in Charlton County, Georgia, United States.
I then hitched a ride to
Prospect Church
This was as good as any a place to crash and make a bit of a headquarters while I did some searching. From the church cleaning lady I found out that there is a Heliport close to  the swamp…but she also had some strange stories to tell….d’nish stories… I was on the right trail….my D’ni senses tingled.
She very graciously gave me a ride to the Heliport….
I was set to explore.
After my host was out of sight I wandered down Boat house road…A straight road that lead right into the swamp. There was no place to be out of view, so I wandered like i knew what I was doing. Thankfully no one questioned me.
Boat House is well named…at the end of the road was a massive …Boat House….abandoned by the looks of things.
I found a small boat, burried in the brushes along the swamp/river edge. Surely no one would notice this missing for a few hours…days…hopefully not longer…unless I get  LOST???
 I headed straight West down the swamp canal…..what was I going to find??
One thing…Okefenokee Swamp is HUGE!!
I paddled about two miles down the swamp canal, until I came to a fork….which way should I go?? The boat house had a map of the swamp, and I could see that the  trails merged again in another mile or so…so I stayed to the right…..like my wanderings thru the caves…always to the right///
At the next fork, I could see from the map that the trail came to a dead end….sead ends are my specialty….it has never failed me to find somehting interesting at a supposed dead end…..so I went right…again.
As I neared the end I heard a familiar sound….It was just the wind blowing across the  swamp, whistling in the reeds, but something caught my attention.
In a corner of the swamp was one plant.
As I paddled over to it I saw the all too familiar symbol appear before me…..
and as I passed through it I linked.
I though..where will I end up this time??
I paddled throught the symbol, and heard, that now, almost frustrating sound…..
I appeared here.
 but why??
 Was this, at some point in time a swamp?
 Who knows…but now I need to find the link…or do I have to go back to the museum podium and see which one links…if one links??
I am running blind.
Where in this age is anything remotly like a swamp?
I looked back at the picture I took of the scene in the swamp when the symbol appeared.
Those reed trees look familiar…..They look like …these…
I am not in the present, but am I in the past or future??
I have no one on my KI, but the KI seems to be functioning.
I have no idea….I wandered through the age to see if I could figure out anything. I went to the door.
It opened, and I very cautiosly walked through…..
I came out…. here…
Back in the swamp….back where I started from. OH BOTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Time for some serious searching…

I decided to head to Georgetown, the ‘Garden City of the Caribbean.’

But..I will spend some time in the city, and doing some research to see if i can determine the reason for the links. Maybe they are from D’ni who came to the surface at some point in time….or maybe it is the future…..
Oh boy…i am getting confused.
   City searches did not yeild anything helpful. I am going to head to the other likely location for a link to the Caverns. Remember, I am going on the elevation of these places…and there seems to be a co relation with the depth of the Cavern, to the sea levels of these spots. Why??? No idea, but I am trying to figure it out.
   I made all my necessary preparations, and flew into Ogle Airstrip in  Georgetown Guyanna.
A small nondescript airport catering to twin engine turboprop planes and private single engine tourists. I have had my fill of Cessnas, but here I see not much else.
As I looked over the area map on the wall of the terminal building/ hangar, a place caught my attention.
Windsor Forest….again, that drawn feeling, this had to be something.
Did I ever mention that I am related to the Windsors? About 5th cousins three times removed, but I am related…to Royalty….and a Forest…well angelmyst and trees just are nearly synonomous.
I wandered down the dusty streets. I had a 30 km walk ahead of me, so I needed to get creative and find a means of transportation. On a side street off of Airstrip Road, I saw a very Canadian thing…a yard sale!!
I wandered down, and there were some very influential homes, complete with swimming pools, full guarded fences. At the yard sale I saw a bicycle. The lady sitting outside spoke very little English, so she went to get help. Out came a child and an elderly gentleman, and in clear British English, he asked me where i was from. When I told him Canada, he was almost in tears. He invited me in for iced tea…Canadian style, and told me that he had served with the RCAF, and has dear Canadian connections. When I needed to leave, I would like to tell you I had a bike….but, I had a little car!!!! Free for my use, as long as I was in the country!!
I did not tell him about my D’ni connections, not sure if he would have understood, but as I was walking away the child called me and gave me something.
A  formed plaque of sorts, and she said, in clear D’ni, and English
“mehoor, fahsee Windsor Forest”
You are welcome, 25 Windsor Forest.
I tried to prompt her for more, but when I looked back to her from examining the plaque she was gone….almost as if she had not been there. When I recall the time, there was never reference made to her during my visit, and no reference was given to the gift by the lady or the gentleman…who was this child?
I got in my borrowed car and drove off, wondering what I was going to find at 25 Windsor Forest. As much as i wanted to find out, I wanted to enjoy my drive. I took my time going over Demerara Harbour Bridge. Even though he water was dirty, the view still had attraction.
As I turned on Fifth Street, I saw the entrance to Windor Forest. I parked my car.
I lifted the latch and made my way into the manacured, sancuary like property. After crossing a wide expanse of grass, and going through a grove of trees, I followed a rough drive and came upon an impressive house behind a gate.
This home was lived in…but who?
The gate was not locked, so I went in, walked up to the house, and went to knock at the door, when  this caught my eye to the right of the door.
Touching the small green buttons, it played a basic octive scale.
I played around with it for a while, and when it seemingly did nothing I proceeded to knock at the door. That also yielded…nothing. Although there was a van parked out front, there seemed to be no one home.
GREAT!!!..a dead end…or was it? The child had sent me here…so here was where I was suppose to be.
Since no one seemed to be around, I figured I would snoop around some and see what I could find. The home itself was massive, and  as interesting as it was, I could find nothing that made my D’ni senses tingle.
I went  down a garden path, and came across this greenhouse.
It was almost as massive as the house itself, but scratched in the stone to the right of the door was this…..
Both sets seemed to be missing a note….if this was to be what worked the front door system that is. 8 notes, two missing notes….64 possible combinations….and which combo is the key…or is it both. THAT IS IF I USE BOTH,,,AND BARRING SHARPS OR FLATS..OH MY!! I’M GONNA BE HERE ALL DAY.!!!!
I headed back to the main house door.
So I started using both staffs….
I continued  missing notes..A,B//A,C//A,D//A,E//A,F//A,G
When I got to using  D and E, I heard a grating sound, …but saw nothing happen at house door.
But wait…what about the greenhouse…It seemed a more likely possibility than this house, which is obviously lived in.
I made my way back to the greenhouse…and there it stood…door wide open.
 I walked through, and was rewarded with the ever familiar linking sound.KIimage0195
I emerged…here…Jalak?? But with no pillars, just a full green beautiful garden. I wandered around Jalak, and came upon a familiar symbol, on a lone pillar… It was sitting permanently fixed, I could not make it move with the KI controls…and it was taunting me with a path of the shell like symbol.
Touching the symbol did nothing. I decided to ‘walk’ it, trace it with my finger. like I  did on my original quest, Path of the Shell…..and as before. I was taken back to my start point.
So much for the podiums in the museum being anything, other than the link to the Grand canyon.
So  now I have two  more places to go to….

Jericho, the city of Palms, …..maybe in the winter i’ll check this one out…but at this rate, I may want to do it sooner. But….

The TauTona  gold mine in South Africa, is where I will head to next.
I will have to plan this one out carefully..how does one get to a restricted area? A gold mine???
 I headed back to the car, When I got there, I had company.
The little girl from the yard sale.
“You are  going to want this” she said, as she handed me a map.  “Follow it, from here….back through the link you found here….with the map in hand you will find what you seek”
But….what?? ummmm. what about the car?
As I asked I turned to the car..it was gone, and when I turned back to the girl, she too was gone.
this is weird, beyond weird even.
I looked a the map…..it went from my very spot, to the greenhouse, thru the link, and into and around Jalak….but on the map, Jalak had other things. a small picture was inset to the map.KIimage0001
It looked to be a mess of Jalak and The Cleft???
I had to get back there.
something was telling me that it was imperitive I get back there….
a matter of life and death…
How do I find this version of Jalak…or this version of the Cleft??
Maybe in the next access point…
The TauTona  gold mine in South Africa, since it seems each link area takes me to a different time period.
I  searched through my notes, and started to think how I would get there…and into a mine.
How does one get into a restricted area???
I decided to follow the map for now, and see what was up with this link.
With map in hand, I went thru the Greenhouse, and linked to Jalak….and it was as the map showed…Jalak/Cleft.
I looked on my GPS…I was….
26 degrees, 24 mins, 55.25 seconds S and 27 degrees 25 mins, 50.27 seconds E, at an elevation of 1666m…..
I was, at the very  Latitude, and Longitude of the
 TauTona Mine!!!
But….what??? Somebuilt a copy, a replica of Jalak and Cleft, merged, in this location….obviously sometime in the future. At least that settles my question of time period. This is very obviously in the future. I wandered to the stone structure I could see thru the trees, thinking it to be the Jalak pillars…..but it was not
It was this.
AS much as I love old buildings, this was far far far from what I expected to find.
The delapidated 4 story structure looked like something out of an Alfred Hitchcock movie, and I dreaded to go inside. The storm clouds overhead quickly helped me make up my mind.The front double doors were nailed shut. I could probably pry them open, but I do not want to disturb anything. I went to the side door. It creaked as it opened….of course  it did!!
Living room
The back of the building sloped off, and the interior walls were brick like….Old furniture littered room, and papers were strewn on the  floor, covered in what looked to be centuries of dust.
I ruffled throught the papers…
There in  clear print!!!!
This was the work of Zandi!!!!
I found a couple old pictures.
An old man in a wheelchair…..this wheelchair. Was this Zandi???
I had to search the house some more.
Getting to the upper floors was not possible. The stairs had totally fallen down, and the debris was impassable. I was not in the humor to move around junk.
I left the building and headed up the Cauldron. Not much had changed here. A bit worn with time and weather. I found the opening that Ghen took to the D’ni CAverns….should I wander through? With this being sometime in the future what will I find?


 After entering the crevass, the similarities changed. This may look like the Cleft on the surface, but it was a disguise. For inside this hill was the remnants of a diamond mine. If I could transport these babies back in time with me…..I would be rich!!! The remnants of the  TauTona Mine!!!
How far in the future I was, I have no way to tell.
One thing is for certain. I am not going to find a way to the Cavern from here…someone with Knowledge of the D’ni has been here…but only to make this elaborate cover-up. I wandered back to where I  had linked in, and without hesitation, I linked back to the greenhouse.///back to the present, as I thought..no diamonds came with me. …sadly.
My last place to visit. Now that the weather was cooling it was time to head to
Jericho, the city of Palms.
For now, I went back to Ogle Airstrip, and planned to find a charter plane out of the area.
Going to Jericho was not as easy as I would have thought. Seems ‘adventure seekers’ are not on the list of  acceptable tourists. AS much as I tried, it was not going to be possible.
I did some research to see if this was a viable spot for a secret D’ni access point.
Jericho Beach  is situated on the north side of Jericho Park  and at the west end of Point Grey Rd between Wallace St and Discovery St. The east side of the beach caters to swimmers and the west side to sailboats and windsurfers between there is a grassy area with a pond, which is a picnic destination. Not much D’ni ish about that.
There is this scenic path lining the city waterfront, but it too has nothing that would make me think of a D’ni entrance.
I think I am going to have to forgo this ….big sigh of disappointment…I was sure there had to be something else.
I packed up and headed home…well back to my relto anyway.
That was going to be it for adventures for a while. I need a real holiday.

AA #9. If at First You Don’t Succeed!

city through the arch

I have never been one to give up easily…NEVER!!

I will make plans to try…again.

I was so close. I have so much at my disposal.

I must follow the map.

I must not let any glittering thing, marble, book, mossy veil, mysterious wall, or eder symbol deter me!!


I consulted my map…burned it…no pun intended, into my memory.

Angel's favorite spot.

I went to sit in my favorite spot, overlooking Er’cana’s mountains. This place is so peaceful. Here I can gather my thoughts.

I wonder…..?

If, when I had been lost in the past, everything I had done was also lost…..

I wonder if my boat fixings are still in the lake by the Ferry Terminal…..

and if….

could I???

should I???

Re trace my steps, that I had made while trying to retrace Ghen’s??

It was worth a try….I mean what could I lose?

I proceeded to the Ferry Terminal and decided to document this journey in a detailed journal….dated…every step of the way, so if…..

IF…… I get………. ummmmmmmm………you know…sidetracked,

I will know exactly where I lost my way, and found…..

another way.

But………….the fixings for my boat were no where to be found. I searched the waters at Ferry Terminal, I searched behind the Library…nothing. No sign of th eold sunken boat I had used to  get across the Lake….nothing.

This is strange.

Was it the DRC who is attempting to keep me from this journey?

Was it the DRC who burned the map I has found in the Caves??

Was it the DRC who planted all those books…links, things to sidetrack me from my purpose???

Was it the DRC????

I had to do some study…before I embark again, somehow. I must look into the current activities of the DRC!!!

I found the following information on various DRC sites…..

The D’ni Restoration Council (DRC) is a group of people who assert responsibility for, and authority over, restoring D’ni and its Ages. The DRC consists of archaeologists and other researchers, and also occasionally contracts third parties.

As of May 27th 2015….

Dr. Watson is currently living in Hawaii………..nice.
Victor Laxman is keeping an eye on the Cavern by “remote control” from an undisclosed location…..I need to find out more!!!
Michael Engberg left the DRC……………. I wonder why???

The DRC claims that the restoration process is very prone to safety problems, and must thus be slowed down do a point where accidents can be minimized. Many consider this policy unreasonable, and some theorize a conspiracy on the DRC’s part to monopolize access to areas.

This, however, has me wondering…..a conspiracy??? Why do they want to keep us out of areas?? Have I discovered some of those areas??

In my journeys I have found many links to  other civilizations…some alive, and thriving. Is this something the DRC did not want us to  EVER know??!!

  • Michael Engberg (1997 – 2007)
  • Seret
  • Interesting…when I try to find out anything more about these two topics, I get a WARNING!!
  • Warning: You are not logged in.Your IP address will be recorded in this page’s edit history.

What is going on???

((**NOTE** All information on this page is purely for the story line’s purpose, nothing about this is ACTUAL DRC conduct or real Warnings…all purely fiction, all part of the Adventures of Angelmyst))

((Myst, the Myst logo, and all games and books in the Myst series are registered trademarks and copyrights of Cyan Worlds, Inc. Myst Online: Uru Live is the sole property of Cyan Worlds Inc. The concepts, settings, characters, art, and situations of the Myst series of games and books are copyright Cyan Worlds, Inc. with all rights reserved.

I make no claims to any such rights or to the intellectual properties of Cyan Worlds; nor do I intend to profit financially from their work. This story is a fan work, and is meant solely for the amusement of myself and other fans of the Myst series of games and books.))

I found other information…about the Great Tree……I am beginning to thing I have stumbled into something  a whole lot bigger…a whole lot scarier.

I would like to talk to ….. ProfessorAskew

I have been trying to find the Professor. I am able to check out his forums, but unable to download the episodes from the events surrounding The Great Tree….This just makes me wonder more and more if I have stumbled into something, and am being silenced…..

RAWA, is on a separate journey. I am certain he has nothing to do with the strange things I have encountered in my adventures……

“Big things are coming, at least big for me.  But I guess they’ll have to wait until tomorrow, or maybe the day after.” RAWA

I am sure there will be something in the history, and The Great Tree, that will help me complete my adventure.

Okay, now I am sure there is something going on. Everytime I link  to a page of The Great Tree draft or episodes, I get blocked, or a security warning. Someone is trying to keep me from finding something!!!

I am going to head to the Cleft, and begin my trek thru the Caves…again. I WILL NOT BE SCARED OFF!!!KIimage0120

I dressed, prepared…If the DRC is hiding something, then maybe if I wore the DRC uniform I could find it.


I headed to The Cleft.

KIimage0004 (2)

Ouch..as usual..really wish I would land on my feet!

KIimage0005 (2)

The wreakage pointed the way before.

KIimage0007 (2)

I will NOT keep out!!


Then, as I was about to head over the fence, and to the caves..I heard a linking sound.

Someone was in my Cleft!!!

I went searching, and found …..

KIimage0003 (3)

This guy…he said his name was Charlie, and that he was from the DRC…he warned me, to stay out of the caves. He said that death awaited me there.

Oh my!!

I debated whether to listen to him or not….

I have had enough!!

I must continue with my quest.

I headed over the fence to the cave entrance…..then

KIimage0004 (3)KIimage0005 (3)KIimage0006 (3)

I linked…back to relto. But it was not my relto….it was new…empty.

When I went to the Nexus I saw this.KIimage0001 (3)

This guy, Charlie, had links to all of my ages!!!

Then as I  stood wondering what to do, I received the following message….

A KI mail…chat log….

CharlieClown: I am looking for an explorere named angelmyst, any of you know her?
Max: we do…
Max: was here only 10 minutes ago
mTX17: never have seen such a player
Kenshin: she was just here
CharlieClown: she is wanted for questioning by the DRC
Kenshin: Lol, no…really?
Max: that you again Ro… Ro the Clown?!?
CharlieClown: mTX, if we find you are not telling the truth it could be bad for you

mTX17: hehe
CharlieClown: you think this to be a funny matter.
Kenshin: hes not serious, is he?
CharlieClown: She has crosssed boundaries…we have warned her
Max: you must be really bored today, Ro…
mTX17: wanna mess with me?
Max: really… really…. bored…
CharlieClown: Max, I have links to all of her ages..

From Kenshin: oh, sorry i was mistaken. be still new here
CharlieClown: proof sent in ki mail
mTX17: take it more serious, ro
CharlieClown: mTx, you really do not want to cross the DRC
Max: oh dear…
CharlieClown: so she was just here/??
mTX17: no
Kenshin: So what would you do? punch him?
Max: no
CharlieClown: well someone said she was
CharlieClown: so which is it?
Max: I never said that
mTX17: it’s me
CharlieClown: I have it on chat log….

Max: I’m Spartacus… no, I mean, angelmyst

mTX17: no, i am angelmyst
Kenshin: what is it. You engaged to her or what?
Max: no, you’re Spartacus, mTX
mTX17: darn
Max: and Charlie is the Clown…
CharlieClown: no…she has been wandering the Caves under the Cleft….poking her nose where it does not belong!

mTX17: and skuavi is skuavicus?
Max: can you juggle, mr Clown?
mTX17: lol
Max: Skuavicus… like that… 🙂
CharlieClown: You will all be investigated by the DRC.
Kenshin: finally i get to meet them….yeahh!!
mTX17: talked to the DRC yesterday. they fired you, charlie
Max: huh?
CharlieClown: Max, I have warned angelmyst, she is in danger
Kenshin: and i am a samurai-worrier, so just come….

CharlieClown: If you are truly her friends you will warn her to stop her adventures.
Kenshin: wanna be hugged?
mTX17: i can’t warn her because i do not know her
CharlieClown: Kenshin, I do not wish your patronizing…this is a serious matter.
mTX17 taunts you
CharlieClown: I will check the hoods.
CharlieClown: I know she helps newbies.
Max: RAWA warned us Saturday… if anybody come in pretending to be from DRC or a liasson to them, he’s a liar… so you’re a Liar, mr Clown…
Max: or Ro Ro Ro the Joke…
CharlieClown: I spoke to RAWA, in his hospital bed.
mTX17: and a bad fraudster, too
CharlieClown: so I am no frauster…I know him well
Max: attention seeking at it’s worst…
Kenshin: O o , didnt know, there is something like police here….OK i behave
mTX17: yadda, yadda
CharlieClown: I am only trying to protect angelmyst

mTX17: get some happy pills 😀
CharlieClown: if you see her…warn her…for her own safety.
Max: get a life, Ro!
To Max: I will find her.

** AS you can see angelmyst, we are watching. You failed to take my warning, now you are locked out of the Cleft.**

from CC

I went and checked the pillar…he was right. I could not open it.

Now what was I going to do??

I looked through my old pictures of The Cleft. I had to figure a way…I must explore those caves more…obviously there is something…something BIG that someone does not want me to find…and I must have been getting close.

As I studied my map, I found the one area that I had not gone through yet. From the Cleft, I had gotten as far as the South Gate…almost there, but from the city, I had not gotten out of the labyrinth of tunnels before the South GAte. There must be something there.

I really do not need to go to the Cleft …I need to concentrate on my original quest, to retrace from City to Cleft….but how do I get across the Lake?? My boat is no longer.

…as I sat in my relto contemplating what to do, I got a message from Charlie, the DRC guy who sent me the warning.

“We need to meet. Something has come to my attention, and as hard as this may seem to believe, I want to help you. Meet me in your Gahreesen asap.” CC

Should I believe him??

I must. I went to my Gahreesen



And there he was, just as he said. I expected a group of guards, or something…but he was alone.

I had chat log turned on…just in case.

CharlieClown: Thanks for meeting me
angel’myst: I really had little choice
CharlieClown: I know I have given you no reason to trust me, but please be assured..I want to help you.
angel’myst: Well you can help by fixing my ages.
CharlieClown: After this meeting you will find your relto restored to its original position.
angel’myst: …and my Cleft??
CharlieClown: You will also find you can get to the Cleft.
angel’myst: You must know that I have figured that I need to get to the caves from this end, from the city??
CharlieClown: Yes….what you are seeking…..would be best found if you go across the Lake.
angel’myst: so are you going to help that…?
CharlieClown: I thought you would have figured as much.
angel’myst: Yes..I had but what about my…..
CharlieClown: Your boat…
angel’myst: yes where is it??
CharlieClown: It is down behind the Library.
CharlieClown: We had found it…and moved it.
angel’myst: So why are you helping me?
CharlieClown: I have been called a traitor…and this will be my last visit to the Caverns.
CharlieClown: If I can ever get back I will look you up.
angel’myst: Will you be okay?? What else can you do to give me assurance that all is okay on this end??
CharlieClown: All the links I had to your ages have been erased….and when you link out from this meeting, your age will be restored.
CharlieClown: Good luck angelmyst
CharlieClown waves goodbye
angel’myst: Goodbye, and good luck.

So I linked back to my relto….


..it was back….and there seemed to be no trace of Charlie or the other me????

I wasted no time going to the City, and seeing if my boat was where he said it would be.

I quickly got my things together and got changed for the journey ahead of me. I was going to do it this time!!ready to go

I went to scan the area where Charlie said he left my boat.KIimage0002

It was beneath the water, well hidden, only visible to my eye, as I knew what I was looking for.

resting after getting my boat loaded

After loading her up, I sat to watch the night sky. I wanted to wait until it was darker to make the trip.boat loaded and ready to go

I headed out, across the Lake. This time keeping to the shoreline, as I was not going to deal with an encounter from someone else in the DRC…..Charlie seemed to be no longer….I hope he was okay, and will be ever thankful for his intervention.

Goodbye from CharlieCharlie sent me this good by picture.

staying out of sight (3) staying out of sight (1) my beloved ARCH (3) staying along the shore my beloved ARCH (4) my beloved ARCH (2) my destination (1)

I stayed out of sight, and finally I could see across, after I passed the Arch. Oh I sure hope nothing gets in my path this time.

After landing, stowing my boat and getting some rest, I set off. I had my map before me, and I hoped that nothing caught my, ever easily sidetracked, mind and eyes.

Wait….the air, something in the air is different….. I recognise that scent….I followed the familiar path, this time with a light. The last time I was here, I was lost, hungry and in the dark. Then I saw them…..a chair, a table, and several pieces of cloth. I see some burned cloth..the light I made last time I was here, but..in the corner, the crates stand…with no book!!! My link to  Angels’ Gateway is gone!! I set my lamp down where the book had been…..and thought of the adventure…my first adventure….

my dear Gordon…..

Sweet little Guardian….

I wonder though, if those people are safe…if the  link I had, that sent me to the past, changed the mess…..I hoped.


Now, I am on my own again, with a map this time though.

This was as far as I had come this way, all of my other adventures were on the other side of the caves, from the entrance at Cleft. Everything from here on in will be new…what will I find??

I am wondering if the DRC made a sweep through the cavern again to be sure there were no more links, books that they missed. I guess I will find out.

I wandered farther through  the caves, hoping I was on the right track. After getting somewhat discouraged I saw something shining in the distance.

Plants….glowing phosphorescent plants. Aitrus has mentioned them on his map…maybe from this I can get a true indication of where I am and get my bearings.

If I am right, there should be a tunnel to the right that leads to a large opening, and if so…..

I should make it to The South Gate before I am too tired. I have given up watching the time. I am just going according to my inner clock, and strength. Getting to The South Gate will be a good days journey, as it should take about three days to go all the way through, according to the map. I have planned for a week…barring unforseen circumstances, and the fact that my adventurous spirit may….may just take a side line.

Then, I was there…in a large opening….I yelled…HELLO!!!

A group of small winged creatures flew from the rocky crevasses….Aitrus had mentioned these as well. It feels so good to see these things….almost like having a connection with Aitrus. I wish I would have known him. His spirit of adventure was much like my own, and I know we would have been buds…it would have been such fun to explore these caverns with him.

Now that I know exactly where I am, I should get to the South Gate in about four hours. I walked, almost with a blind determination.


I made it to the South Gate in, I’m sure, was record time. I either found an easier path, or the tenacity of my determination had my adrenaline running overtime, but I am here….only 2 hours and 45 mins from when I left that cavern.

I again admired the magnificance of the Gate. ButI quickly left the cool breeze, and  clear air behind for the  ever burning desire to get up to the Cleft, this time was stronger than it had ever been.

I pressed again toward the eder tomahn, and that same feeling for Aitru came over me, I stood frozen,again,  as he had. This time the bubbling lava did not bother me…determination to get through was oh so strong!!!

I walked intil the warm stuffy air dissipated, this was as good as ant place to take a rest. The soles of my feet were screaming for a rest, and I was hungry. I knew the arch and the columns of dripstone could not be far…..but I had to take a break.

I fell asleep…..I looked at my phone. DEAD…In my excitement I had forgotten to change the battery!!!

I have no idea how long I was asleep. I was very rested, and hungry again. I must have been out for at least 6 hours, to be feeling htis way.

I changed the battery…but the clock was reset to 12:00….and was flashing for me to set it.

I had no idea.

It really did not matter…much. Time down here was very unimportant.

Everything else about my phone was fine….I still had no signal, so I was taking pictures….but

I checked my KI….I had not bothered with the KI for so ;ong I did not even think to check it.

It was on!!!

It was registering!!!

I tried to send a message to buds, but nothing. This is not exactly worrisome…for many time buds are in Cavern, but they are not “awake”.

Now I had a compass…the KI….I was more than determined…I was obsessed!!

I almost ran past the long columns of dripstone forming all around me.

The difficulties of this climb had worn on me, and I stopped for a short rest, but not long for I knew I could not be far from  eder tomahn…

Then, I saw the narrow tunnel that had once before caught my attention…..the place where I had found the marble….but….

should I look???


I mattered little to nothing.

I pressed forward, not to be detered by anything.

Charlie risked everything to let me get back down here.


Wandering through what Aitrus called an ants nest of tunnels, I knew I was not far from tomahn, and if so…I was almost to Cleft, one day…that was all it took Ghen and Aitrus to get to this point. I climbed up..up..up, and then, to my sheer joy, I was there!!!

Eder Tomahn!!

Into the recess of this large cave I ran! Quickly admiring the black marble…I stopped, and ran my hand over the smoothness…”Was this where Aitrus touched these walls” I wondered…well actually said out loud. My refelction, being my only comapny, surly I was going mad!!

No, not mad, just excited…sheer, full, abundant joy!!

But…the door. I should be locked…but it stood wide open.

Why was this door open?

Was this a trap?

Had Charlie deceived me?

I stood back from the thresh hold, and threw a rock into the opening.

“Rattle, clang, crunch”…but nothing else. I threw in another, and another…nothing but the sound of rock hitting the floor.

I made my way into the room. Immediately my gaze went to the right hand corner…to what had been Aitrus’ bunk.

A faint glow caught my eye. Under the bunk, nearly fully burried in dust, was a single white fire marble! This must have been one of Aitrus’, one Ghen had given him when they  passed through here so long ago!! A Treasure!!

Had Charlie made sure this door was open, for me….so I cold enjoy this journey, and have a remembrance….

AS much as I wanted to look around, I was determined to press on. I was not tired. An overflow of adrenaline flooded my blood, and I knew that I would not rest until I got to Cleft.

I walked several hours through  twisted tunnels, thankful for the map, but really barely needing it. It was almost as if the Cleft was calling to me. Somewhere off in the distance I could hear wind…but yes…wind, coming  down the Well…

THE WELL!! I was a t the recess, carved in the side….and sat, very likely on the ledge, Ghen sat on while he waited ofr Aitrus to catch up after the  trek down this  unnerving tube!

Well …Well..lol, no, pun intended… I may as well ..lol get going…up…up, along the narrow stairs that wound their way  up.

Like Aitus did, I imagined I was in a Tree…. , but the winds coming down, made me shiver, not with cold, but fear, excitement, anticipation.

I came to the top, a narrow tunnel of steps then the steep slope up to the final stretch of lava tube…..It was 6 hours since I left the eder. I really had no idea what time it was…except…KI time.

I checked the KI again.

To Ro”Jethhe: HI…RO…is that really you??

From Ro”Jethhe in Ro”Jethhe’s Relto: Yes it’s really me

To Ro”Jethhe: OH MAN!!!! I am so crazy excited…… I am in the Lava tube, under the Cauldor in Cleft…..

From Ro”Jethhe in Ro”Jethhe’s Relto: Just hope you don’t get burned up.

To Ro”Jethhe: No you silly man…the lava was way back…the walk over that was scarrrrry.

To Ro”Jethhe: I made it RO!!!…I have been trying to go from City to Cleft for nearly 5 years!!!!.

From Ro”Jethhe in Ro”Jethhe’s Relto: Excellent, you found the way.

To Ro”Jethhe: I have one more tube to follow…..I should be out to Cleft in about 15 mins.

From Ro”Jethhe in Ro”Jethhe’s Relto: is there enough light there to see?

To Ro”Jethhe: I have a flashlight, but I must admit my batteries are dying…my phone has life a bit..and I found one lonely fire marble..one of Aitrus’, Im sure.

To Ro”Jethhe: Hey..what day is it??

From Ro”Jethhe in Ro”Jethhe’s Relto: Today is Monday Nov. 9

To Ro”Jethhe: OH…wow… I made that trip in 6 days. It felt like 60 though………..wait…..another tunnel????

From Ro”Jethhe in Ro”Jethhe’s Relto: KI time is 07:09

To Ro”Jethhe: Yes, my KI is working well…good thing. My phone died, and I forgot to change out the battery.

From Ro”Jethhe in Ro”Jethhe’s Relto: Food and water.

To Ro”Jethhe: Oh….I am almost out now….this is the end, not the start.I had packed enough for a week
To Ro”Jethhe: I am going to try this other tunnel…the map says to stay right…but, I have time to explore…and I am so close!!
From Ro”Jethhe in Ro”Jethhe’s Relto: You have a map?

From Ro”Jethhe in Ro”Jethhe’s Relto: Is that the map Gehn drew?

To Ro”Jethhe: Yes..I found a map a while ago..one of Aitrus’. It has served me well

To Ro”Jethhe: I think it was Ghens originally, but this version is Aitrus’

From Ro”Jethhe in Ro”Jethhe’s Relto: Well don’t loose it, guard it well.
To Ro”Jethhe: I have, this Map is precious…. Wait…..this tunnel is blocked by a big rock…..I need to move it…it looks like it has been moved here…

To Ro”Jethhe: OH man it is heavy….

From Ro”Jethhe in Ro”Jethhe’s Relto: You are at a dead end?

I moved a rock!!

To Ro”Jethhe: no….no…Im in Cleft…Im in the living space.The tunnel I should have come out of was up on the Cauldron.
RO!!! I am in Cleft!!!! this tunnel lead right into the one sleeping area.but the wall, I just came through…
there is no hole.

KIimage0010 - Copy
There should be a hole!!
I just came through that rock!

From Ro”Jethhe in Ro”Jethhe’s Relto: How did you move it?

To Ro”Jethhe: Hey, I’m stronger than I look.

To Ro”Jethhe: Im back!!!!….finally….KIimage0009 - Copy

To Ro”Jethhe: Well I will sign off…and get cleaned up.

To Ro”Jethhe: A week in caves…yuch..I’m a mess.

To Ro”Jethhe: see you laters…

From Ro”Jethhe in Ro”Jethhe’s Relto: Better clean up and take a long rest.

To Ro”Jethhe: Im really not that tired….


To Ro”Jethhe: I rested in Eder tomahn…but that was over 6 hours ago….and that was one wicked climb

To Ro”Jethhe: Hey Yeesha is here!! What a joyous greeting!!


From Ro”Jethhe in Ro”Jethhe’s Relto: Yeesha!! Desert Bird

To Ro”Jethhe: well..off to my Relto….thanks….KIimage0014

AA #7; Angels Return

This Relto, although in shape, like my dear Relto, has nothing else to make me feel at home and comfortable.

I went through the inventory in my back pack.

My dehydrated fruit and vegetables are all gone, but the containers are useful.

a couple extra containers to keep water in.


water purification tablets,

a small cook stove and cook pot,

a change of clothes,

emergency blanket,

first aide kit,




spare batteries,

and my cell phone.


spare socks..lol

…………this made me laugh, and in my mild state of panic, my laugh became hysterical…..I laughed until I cried…and then in sheer exhaustion, fell asleep.

When I woke I sat looking out to the misty nothingness.

I do wish I could get back over to the little island, for at least there may be roots that are edible.

After wandering every square inch of this rock for two weeks, well 16 days to be precise….. I have found three things that will be a help to keep me alive for a while.

The grass, although somewhat bitter, is not toxic. After hesitantly trying it, since I figured I am going to die here, may as well be now as opposed to later, I found it satisfying.

The misty dew is thick…and using the cup in my back pack, and my emergency blanket I could gather some every morning…..enough to keep me from thirst.

and….Fire Marbles!!!!

It is amazing how something so simple could give such joy.

Even though I have flint, there is little to make a fire with, and the nights are warm, and there is no sign of danger, so I have not needed the fire…but the presence of something to remind me of home is a comfort.

I found them while testing out some of the grass roots. I was digging, and saw a glow beneath the soil. My hope was it was some kind of link out of here….but I was slightly disappointed.

How long I could stay alive on water and grass??? Well cows do it…..but I am not a cow!

I took off my KI and laid it on the blanket next to the firemarbles…and something strange happened.

It turned on!!

It displayed as if I was on my relto…in the present time.????



It was 7:21 KI time…and the KI had one picture on it…me?? in my Relto…angelmysts relto!!!

There was some hope…but how??

The fire marbles had to be the answer.

Did they have more to them than we realize?

They were my link to the present…..I wondered…If I linked through my relto book…with the fire marbles in my back pack…would I arrive in the present…your present???

I had to find out.

I gathered all of my things together…

put the precious fire marbles in my back pack…

opened my Relto book….

and linked…

I arrived..here…..


with no KI…I had to take a picture with my cell phone.

a brand new relto…but it was different than the one I saw on my KI…

I do not have one…..

This is different …but how…when..who??

Too many questions.

I am going to figure out some things before I go anywhere….except I am going to get a KI!!!!

I am a newbie!!!

It is as if I had never been here.

I wonder what has been affected from my trek to the past?

Before I go back to the Cavern, I am going to see what things in my other adventures have been affected. Since I have treked through the Caverns, and now have a map and a goo idea of the path, I should be able to find those strange out of the way places again…..maybe…maybe

Since I have not really been here, according to the KI, I am wondering what things are different…As in any story when the past was changed, there are side affects to the present. I have a hope…that some changes will be good, but I am afraid there may be some bad side affects as well.

I am going to refresh my back pack, and head to the Cleft..and head ….oh wait.

My boat…Trapper brought it back to the city….Now I have to think this through..which way do I want to go?


My linking book to the Winter age..to the Ski Lodge…I can link to it and see if they are okay…if…if…

the book is still in my wardrobe.

Since this relto is new…..

Since I have not been here….

Was I ever .’there’???

If the book is not there, does that mean I did not mess up that age…does that mean I can maybe just go and eliminate the animal for them, so they are free to come and go as they choose…and so that dear family…..they do not die??

Oh I so hope so…who ever gets a chance to undo the mistakes they have made??

I have a chance to undo this….Oh the thought of this possibility thrills me to the core!

Before I get my KI I am going to go see if my boat is down by the Library cliffs…..

No sign of it….so if I have never been here..then I never built a boat!!!!!

Oh my..what else has been affected by my trek to the past…??

No book in my wardrobe…..

I am going to go to the Cleft and retrace from that point….I have to see if the changes have affected those dear people..the other ages I had found on my adventures are of little consequence, but….if I have changed things enough to have those dear folk still alive!!!

AS many times as I have seen Zandi, he acted like he did not know me?? Was that because…he did not know me??

I checked my back pack…and headed into the Caverns……I have to find out…I have to know.

I wandered for hours. I am seeing the things so familiar now to me…and I kept pushing onward. After five long I saw the heavy, mossy , 12 foot high curtain.113 - Copy

113 - Copy
I knew where I was….but had no desire to go back to the Valley of Shells.
113 - Copy

I knew where I was….but had no desire to go back to the Valley of Shells.

113 - Copy

I knew where I was….but had no desire to go back to the Valley of Shells.

I was making my way through a part of the caves that made a very steep descent downwards. I had my climbing gear this time, but I was not planning on using it. I was not expecting to go far this day, but I could smell fresh air and a hint of grass and flowers in the air again, and I knew what was around the corner…..My TREE!!!!!

Again, I was not going to go there….at least I was making progress…..

I continued..driven..

Past the Shaft…past the tomahn…..then I saw it…

the marble…..the cause..or the correction of my past woes??

I wanted to go it…but I was not going to be detered…I had focused on those dear folk. I had to see if they were alive.

Again…I got to a point that I am lost…..my map…well it is helping some, but I am………..lost.

Lost is a good thing.

In my lostness, I can wander, and in my wandering I should find…………..

Wait….the air, something in the air is different..YES!!!!!!!!!!….the smell is getting stronger, almost unbearable, As I feel in the semi darkness, I bump my shins on …the chair…the same chair!!!!!!!!As much as I want to continue, and see if my people are okay…I am exhausted…sleep…sweet sleep.

The rest was so needed…..
The book still sitting on a crate, I go to it again, and get the feeling of dejavu… its’ pages covered in dust as if I had never been here…… I carefully blow off the dust, and without hesitation..link.

I link into my Jalak room…..

I rose pillars and looked through each age….all looked as it did the last time I was here…. I decided to go to the West age, where I had encountered the animal that I had let loose and allowed the death of that family. If that age is as I left it…or different….then I know that going to the past has erased what I had done.

I prepared for the possibility of encountering the danger, but also knew that if it is as I hoped the danger was gone. I raised the pillars and ran to the door…SMACK!!!!!!!!!


The door would not open….and I have a broken nose to prove it!!!!!!!

I had to try the other doors….even though I was in pain…..more will not hurt….much.

As the West…none of the doors would respond to my attempts.

Then I saw it..grrrr…could not have seen this before I broke my nose…..


I could not make out much of the text, although familiar. I will have to take some time to translate it.

I could see two words I knew. ……door and locked!!

Even if I do not get this translated, I know that I have changed this….I am certain the people are still alive, and safe..from me, and from who ever else may try to change their lives.

I decided to relto out, and see what changes are in my own life….what has happened to angelmyst?

I wandered through the city. It was as if I was invisible. No one said anything to me, and no one responded. Something is not right. I am out of time, the time line has been affected, and my presence is not registering on the Great Zero.

I went to Cleft again and decided to see if an encounter with Yeesha would fix this time warp I seem to have created.

As usual I changed my hood, from DRC 755 to angelmysts hood, then, resisting the temptation to go to the city again, I headed to Cleft.


After speaking with Yeesha, I am certain that all is fixed. I will head to the city and see if anyone knows me!!

After wandering the City, I finally see a bud from before I got lost…Rabbit…Rabbit knows me!!!! I am truly home.


What of the ages I had visited, and had changed…now that I have fixed the timeline…..

Oh my…………

I fear Angelmyst is not finished her wanderings through the Caverns.

AA #6; Lost Angel

I could not do it….I could not just let the other symbol fade from my memory.

….I tried…dreams would not let it fade.

I was walking through the City…in my dream…..Every where I looked I would see the path of the shell symbol…

When I would walk through them they would take me to my relto…always to my relto.

Every night I would dream the same thing.

I had enough…

Back to the Cleft….

Back through the passage and following the map I had, hopefully back to where i found the marble…and back to the Castle…and back to the  symbol.

I have never been so determined to  find out something.

I have to know where that symbol leads to.

From the map I had been just about to the eder tomahn when I found the marble. The thought of facing The Well, was frightening. I am not afraid of heights, but I am afraid, of falling from them!

I wandered through the tunnel, and down the  steepness, along the curved lava tube. I was so glad to have on sturdy hiking boots on this dry  hard floor. I could not imaging Atrus managing this in sandals. Behind me was blackness, darker than any darkness I have ever encountered.

Then I came to it…The Well, the giant black oval hole, that was ready to swallow me up in one massive gulp!

I saw the steps to the left…steps?? really??? I would hardly call them steps. They were a thread of  grooves into the rock. The thought of navigating them had me shaking like  a bowl of jello.

I steadied my nerves with the thought that if I fell I could relto.  Some comfort, a comfort Atrus did not have.

I went down down down the spiral, and imagined like Atrus did that I was inside a Tree

I came to the small cave in the side of the  shaft..and was glad for the rest. Taking this opportunity to have something to eat and a cold drink, I was refreshed.  From the notes I had a few hours of twisting tunnels before I reached  the eder, and I figured maybe an hour past the eder to where I saw…the marble.

The black finished marble of the eder was just as I had imagined it to be, also very much like the black stone of the control room in my adventure Angel’s Tree. Makes me believe ever so much more that they are all D’ni.

I came to the door. I had no key to open this and  enter the rest area….oh how I wanted to see what was in there….maybe find somehting belonging to  Atrus…his discaarded clothes maybe??  I am sure the DRC long ago had found them.

I went on my way…down through the tunnels. I watched carefully…for I knew I should be getting close to the place I saw the marble. Then I saw the pool and  jumble of rocks…and there…..just as I had never touched it…the marble.IMG_20150411_073123

I marveled at its perfectness……I gazed, again transfixed by its beauty….and….linked.

Again I was back at the castle. I wasted no time to get to the  place where I saw the second showing of the symbol. I have no idea what time it is here….It  is 13:20 KI time, but the time really does not matter. I have to wait to see the symbol, and go through it…if I can..or wait for 19 hours  and get a second chance. I know this age is 19 hours.

I had to find something to do while I waited…right here. If I just missed it, I will have a long wait.  I looked around the immediate area a bit more.

DSC_0306-Version-2-1024x682 I saw this shaft in the immediate area. Seemed to be a chimney, and where I stood  was inside a large cook area.

images (4) This wall had me  intrigued, it seemed to be laid out it a pattern for something, but I did not have time to figure it out, not right now anyway. If I missed the symbol, and had 19 hours to kill, then maybe I could fuss with this wall.

Then I heard the link sound…but I looked at the spot I expected it to appear…..nothing…so where is this link showing up???

I ran around the area and saw…fading…this small symbol on a door.images (2) What was this?

I could not get side tracked…. I did not want to miss the symbol I came here to explore. If….I miss the symbol, maybe I will see what is behind this door.

Then the thought came to me…the symbol I am waiting for, is not on a direct walk way..it was hovering in the air off the edge of the ledge under that window.

Maybe that door, leads to steps up to that ledge..and maybe it showed up to show that the symbol was about to open???


I had to find out…I  could not let this thought pass.

I went back to the door and opened it.Zhangbi-Ancient-Castle-2 A dark tunnel, lit with…


This castle was D’ni, no doubt about it.

The tunnel called to me…but I hesitated. I saw no stairs, and my reason for going through the door was to find stairs up to be able to be near where the  symbol appears…….

I will……………go…………..just around the  corner, to the sixth light I can just make out. If I see no stairs by then, I am going to go back to the area to figure out something else.

I rounded the corner…..

and saw……33575374spooky-stone-stairs-old-castle-dungeon-33575374


Really…this place was loaded with them.

I  waited till it had cleared, and went up the stairs.

I came out in this  open area,1306304083_a5290ecdcf

and also saw another set of stairs…1407699108683_wps_12_Mandatory_Credit_Photo_by

I went up this set, broke through the rotten boards, and came out on the ledge, near the window….exactly where I wanted to be, to catch the symbol when it appeared.

Four hours had passed, according to my KI…more than that for this age though, as I had learned. Could be no more than  15 till the symbol appears..but it could be soon… I have no idea.

I judged my jump through the symbol when it should appear….and the distance to the floor if I should miss.

It was a good 14 feet!!!!

I am not thrilled at that prospect. I am bound to get hurt if I miss…and if I go back down now to do something to make my landing softer, I may miss the symbol.

I weighed my options.

I have jumped from such a height, but when I was younger. I am not sure how my old bones will take the landing.

I am tired…surprise surprise….

I decided to get comfy right here and take a bit of a cat nap, and hope the sound wakes me enough to jump my groggy, sleepy self through the symbol before I can think of the possible injuries if I should miss.

20:10 KI time, I had slept for  almost 3 hours. I hope I did not sleep through a symbol, but I am quite sure I did not.Under 12 hours to wait…if….


hear it….

the sound….

I have to time this right…

I have to jump right….


I landed, I felt  the breeze, smelled moist warm air but I dared not open my eyes…..

I sat where I was.

I slowly opened my eyes and peeked to my right….to my right

This little bug on some leaves…..so I was not in the Castle…but where was I??

I peeked to my left….


Dare I look up??

I have never been so apprehensive….Finally I looked…..

ReltoAcross the misty chasm I saw…..

Relto?? was that my relto Island??

I looked  more at where  I sat…just a small outcropping. I checked my Ki ….it was totally blank.

I was hoping for a picture of the  Clock island or the small tree island in relto……for I think that is where I am.

But how?

How do I get to that main island?

I figured the only way was to use my Relto book. It would either take me there…or home. It was worth the risk.

I touched  the page……linked…and looked out.4VILF00Z - Copy

The small outcropping I was just on…and I am on what I believe to be Relto….but it is barren. I touched my relto book page again…


I sat to think.

The Castle, was built, probably by Ja’Kreen, around  625….Yeesha  made Relto sometime around 9500…YIKES….if this is the relto….of Ja’Kreen’s time, then I am in the past……8875 years before Yeesha  wrote Relto, as a gift.

I am lost…in the past!!!

My Ki is doing nothing….I have no idea of the time.

My friends…..if I ever get back…oh the thought.

I will die here…on relto…in the past.


AA #5.. A World Beyond

Coming back to the Cavern after this last adventure has been difficult. Things have changed, people have changed. Some people are gone. I decided to make my way down to the shore behind the Library. To sit on the rocks by the shore, gives me a calm feeling. My mind can clear down here. The Lake is unusually rough today. Seems like all the new activity down here has stirred the waters.
Then, something caught my eye…..off to my right, behind a piece of the fallen walkway.
It couldn’t be….
I wandered carefully over…
I could not believe my eyes…


My boat, the one I had built for my first adventure across the Lake!!!
I examined her hull to see if she was still seaworthy, yes, just some minor repairs.
There was no guessing, no wondering what I was going to do.
I started immediately making a plan to once again retrace Ghen and Atrus’s path, backwards.
It only took me two days to repair my boat. I decided this time to name her. She is called, Jazzy Girl.
We paddled out on the waters to test everything out….
Strange, I have never seen the ceiling of the cavern look so strange.
I decided to delay my departure, and see if I could figure out what was happening, to make things looks so strange.

The Lake would just have to wait.

I took a quick run out on the Lake to check out my boat. All seems fine. When I gather my gear I will be heading out. This adventure will be more pictorial than narrative.
As I was out on the Lake I did see something strange. The cloud..if you want to call it cloud, formations were strange. I found out later that someone was doing some serious pellet drops. I am wondering if the two are related.

2 across the lake (3)

That strange cloud like formation that I saw when testing my boat is gone. Makes sense. Was nearly no one around today as I set out. As I suspected KI signal was lost as I passed thru the Arch. I am really hopeful this time, that I can get up to the Cleft. I read some more of Ghen and Atrus’s trip, and think that it was on the steep descent that I made my mistake in navigation last time.
My packsack is bulging, and I have other containers of supplies stored on my boat. I have dehydrated fruit and vegetables,a couple containers to keep water in, flint, water purification tablets, a small cook stove and cook pot, a change of clothes, emergency blanket, first aide kit, rope, knife, hatchet, spare batteries, and my cell phone. From my journeys I have found that my cell phone has times when it decides to pick up on signals, and it seems as long as I am out in the open (even though I am in a Cavern) I can still get signal. Something in the rock must be acting as a conductor.
As I draw near to the shore, again, that same sense…of awe. This tiny harbor is a welcome sight after the time on the water. I wanted again to stop at K’veer, but the desire to find my way up to the Cleft is stronger.

I tied my boat and started the trek up the steep slope that led away from the sea’s edge. Behind me the sea was dotted with tiny islands, they looked like dirt on the mirror of the orange water. It was indeed a grand sight as Ghen had told Atrus, and I stood and gazed, enthralled with the beauty.

From Atrus’ notes I knew I had hours of walking ahead of me with many twists and turns. I wish I had Ghens notebook!!

I decided to walk until I lost the cool air and breeze, and then find a place to make camp. The twists and turns ahead of me would have to wait until I was rested.

On the fourth day found my way through a small shaft after days of wandering through twists and turns. I kept close watch of my direction and always made it back to my camp, but this shaft looks promising. I had planned for this possibility, and I have all that I need with me, so I do not have to go back to camp. I expect to see the mining rigs, abandoned cranes, mounds of rock and warehouses described in notes at every turn, but nothing, I don’t get it. It is almost as if this task is not meant to be accomplished.

There is some steam escaping from small fissures, and this gives me some hope, but nothing like what I would expect to find. By all visuals, I am not even near the southern border of the D’ni kingdom, no where near the massive gate and marble floors that marks an entrance.

I was just about to get comfy in a small cavern that led off the shaft, when I saw something.

5 to the stairs

As I rounded the bend I was met with this set of stone steps, and the light coming from the top was almost blinding. It made no sense, but I have come to find that not much down here makes sense. I made my way up the steps and, as I had felt before, as when I passed through the mossy veil in The Valley of Shells, I had the feeling of linking, but nothing drastically changed. Except….. as I topped the stairs I was met with this scene.

7 over the ravine

An opening as vast as ever I could imagine, and more beautiful than any I have ever seen. I stood..stared and caught my breath. After I regained a sense of reality, I took stock of my strength. Could I traverse that bridge and those stairs today?…YES..I was too excited not too, and my adrenalin rush was too much to ignore. I made my way, over the rocky ledge to the worn path that led to the bridge. Off to the left in the valley I saw a sight that was too much to bear.


Down in the shadow of this rock was a house, a massive dwelling on the edge of the cliffs…How???

How was it made???

How can I get there???

How were there birds flying??Down here??

How did I get here???

I am not in a cavern anymore.

My path leads up, and can see no way down to the home. I will just have to keep going and see what meets me as I climb those stairs and round that corner. I am never going to find my way up to the Cleft at this rate. Who would have guessed that there was so much buried here, so much to discover?

As I made my way up the exactly 100 steps, I was too excited to be winded. The path flattened and led through a dark rocky corridor.

424726_197776746987760_327297860_n - Copy

then ended at this wall. I puzzled over it for a couple hours, and as the light faded from the glimmers filtering through the corridor, I made camp for the night….not that I was going to get any sleep.

As I thought, I did not get much sleep. I had dreams of windmills, Yeesha calling me to the Cleft, and Bahro screaming. Windmills?? why I do not know. This wall is windmillish, but not enough to give me dreams…or was it?

I poked and pressed and prodded at this wall from every possible angle. It only stood 8 feet, so I was able to reach the top with the aid of some rocks I built into a step platform. I was baffled. Each panel was exactly like the other. I stood back and stared, crossed my eyes…the only thing I did not do was stand on my head!!

I could not shake the windmill thought. I could see no way that this would turn. What am I missing??


There was not even the slightest breeze coming up the walkway.

Okay…wind, so here goes……I took a big breath and blew with all my might at the wall!!


The scene before me made me step back as far as I could go…..open sky, swirling clouds, and the sound of a mighty wind.

Now what?

I inched my way closer, I could feel no wind. I reached out to touch where the wall had been and my hand went through what almost seemed like a movie screen. I got a bright idea. I held my phone in my hand set to take a picture, and held it through the wall.



It looked to be an elevator. Being the fearless explorer I am, I stepped through…and………

I didn’t die, or link or evaporate…..

I was in an elevator with three buttons, yellow, red and green. I could see the cloud through the open elevator door.

I pressed the yellow…nothing.

I pressed the red…nothing.

I pressed the green…nothing.

I pulled at the casing for the buttons, and it swung open to reveal a


flat grey plate. I held my hand on the plate, and it glowed yellow, red green and blue…blue???? not one of the color choices???

Maybe nothing, but then again, how often is something nothing around here?

As my hand glowed the door closed, and the elevator started to move. I took my hand off the plate, and enjoyed the ride.

Up?? Down?? no idea.

I actually felt like I went down, then sideways, then up, but not sure. I guess I will see where I come out…maybe.

The door opened, and I was met by the most beautiful room I have ever seen.


I went to the window and gazed out. I was in the house that I has seen from the bridge, the beautiful estate on the rocks.

But….where was I really??

Was I alone?

The home seemed very lived in, not dusty in the tiniest bit, and a fire flickered in the fireplace.

I found myself very tired. I sat in the armchair by the fireplace and listened.

Not a sound.

Soon I was fast asleep.

When I awoke, nothing had changed. The fire still flickered, and even though it was a real wood fire, the wood had not burned down. Strange???

I checked my clock…I had been asleep for 8 hours!

I took a wander around the house, and immediately was met with some shockingly familiar things. My coffee cup………my document

My things…from my home on the surface. My kitchen sign….my antique typewriter……..





I found a diary, beginning date …November 25th, 2014, but current date, according to the diary was Nov 25, 2114…..

100 years…..

my handwriting…..

my doodles…..

It was becoming more and more evident that I had linked to my future. My future???

…but then where was I??? I mean the future I??? Or the past?? Or my family???


Now I am confused. If I was here 100 years ago, where am I now?, okay, more confused….

Here are some excerpts from….my…diary.

November 25th 2014:

Since I stepped into the beautiful room off the elevator, I had the sense of being home. I have determined that I have stepped into a time loop of sorts. I came into this room, looked about, and fell asleep, but after my sleep, things had not changed. I found items of mine, as if this has been my home for some time, but no indication how the things got to be here. I guess I will just settle in for a bit, and see what transpires.

December 25th 2014:

Christmas…alone. I just do not get it. I am feeling very little passage of time passage of time in my body. According to the house clock/calendar, this is the date. But according to my cell phone it is Dec 2, 2014. A month has passed..but not according to my phone. I have only been here for a week. If this trend continues, I will be able to spend a year here in 12 weeks. Guess I will see what happens.

No one else has been around, no indication that anyone ever was. It is almost as if this place was made, for me. I am enjoying the solitude, I really did need the rest, but I am somewhat concerned. I tried to open the elevator….it does not work.

After reading that first bit I went to try the elevator, sure enough…it does not work. I am more perplexed. I decided to read the diary through.

Sure enough, I made a notation every week/month, and I was here for a full 100 years. I decided that I must figure some way out of here…I can not stay here for that long, I do not want to stay here….this is not what I came to find. I will make sure i have provisions always at hand, and the day that I get that elevator to work is the day I will leave…the moment!! According to the diary, I am still here Nov 25 th 2114, which would be, 25 years, if the time frame still holds true as 1 month here is 1 week in reality. I really hope that I can get something to work that changes what is in the diary.

I am puzzled about one thing, that, for some reason there is no blue..the blue is on the extremities of my hand print, but is not on the elevator controls. I am sure that this is the key. Nothing in the diary indicates that..I…thought of this before. This will be my focus, finding out what to do to make the elevator work. Until then I will do my best to enjoy the holiday that I find myself on.

I have been enjoying this home for the past few days, and come to realize one thing, whoever, however, whenever this house was made, it was made for me specifically. It is everything I ever dreamed of in a house…down to the woodwork around the doors and the details in the kitchen. Every time I went to look for something, flashlight, slippers, batteries, snacks… they were exactly where I would have put them.

I have very comfortably been able to puzzle over the ‘blue’ problem. I have no idea why my other self could not figure it out, but I am certain that I have. It seemed rather simple, but my idea bears trying out….but I hesitate. I am really in no hurry to leave, and if I try my idea, will I be able to get back?

I have decided to explore this house for a few more days. I really could use the holiday, and this place has much to explore. One thing to note…there are no doors leading outside to the grounds. There are balconies to the fresh air, and a garden out back, but no way out of this house except the elevator. How was this place built? My only explanation is that it was written…by whom?

After a few days, I found an entrance to the small tower at the back of the house. I found it quite by accident. I was in the game room, playing a Jalak like game of Jenga, with a 6 foot high virtual tower.When the blocks fell they would sparkle and disappear like the crystals in Ahnonay, It was amazing. Anyway….one of the blocks fell over beside a wall, and I noticed something uncharacteristic about this wall….it had nothing on it, no pictures…nothing. That is not me. I have pictures on every wall space! As I went to the wall this appeared….

eder door

The similarities shocked me….totally. As I backed away it disappeared. I would have had no reason to walk up to this wall, nothing to see, had it not been for my love of Jenga!! I had to explore…but I was not going to do it without having my things all ready. I prepared my packsack, and was able to fully stock it with travel food items from ..my.. pantry.

Okay…ready. I have said good-by to this house…maybe. I have no idea what I will find behind this door….but the explorer in me must find out…NOW!!!

I placed my hand on the door, the symbol swirled, and the door swung open. I stepped back….I was not about to go in there until I was sure I could get out if I wanted to. I pulled a chair over to the door, and pressed again. This time I placed the chair against the door, firmly holding it open. I was immediately met with a cold dark hole…and stairs leading up, and a smell of dampness and …something else…could not put my finger on the smell, but it was horrid…every fiber of my being said run…every hair on my body stood stiff…my adrenalin was at full capacity.

***Sorry, this was as much as Angelmyst AC sent me in this post***

What I found can only be described in pictures……

angels note

angels packsack


My packsack, just as it is on my back, except it is empty of any provisions, and mouldy from age…..and me!!!…just as I would lay to fall asleep.

From the note, I did one thing….looked for my relto book!! I did…I did leave it in the Library!!

So glad that I propped that door open. I must change this…this is my future in 25 years if I do not!!

I went to the Library and sure enough, there on the side table was my relto book, why I had left it there was beyond me, I do not even remember doing so.

I decided then and there…close that door, and try my idea in the elevator.

But… I could not leave me there….I decided to bury my bones in the garden, under the lilac bush, and then leave this house.

My idea for the elevator was simple, why the other I had not thought of it was a mystery.

The blue, was on the finger tips, so what if I touched the panel with just my finger tips?

It was worth the try…from what I found, it had to work. …but now that I know that the tower would be my trap and death, I know not to go in there without being able to get out…but still…I can not stay here.

I was ready…my packsack was still packed, and…I had my relto book firmly in place.

all set…

finger tips on panel…

door closed and elevator moved…

As I would in city I …


I stepped off the elevator, walked out and looked behind me, to the wall I had encountered days before. I wandered the rocky path and came back to the bridge, I looked over the edge to the house….


The house was gone!!

I made my way back over the rocky ledge and to the top of the stairs, again, I had that feeling of linking. I went down the stairs and back to the set of caverns and the shaft I had been in. I settled in a cozy cavern and thought through my next moves.

My goal is, as always, to get back up to the Cleft….how many more surprises am I to find as I make my way. Sure wish Ghen had of left better notes! I took a nap. I was more tired than I had thought, but a quick 30 min cat nap refreshed me enough to set out and see what I could find. I decided to keep everything with me as I explored, and forget the idea of having a base camp anywhere…I will sleep where ever I happen to be when I am tired…I will skip watching the time…I will just go according to my strength.

I climbed and crawled and slid through an endless labyrinth of paths. This would make an awesome amusement park ride!! I felt the moisture from several steam fissures…I must be getting close to something!! I came to another small cave off of what seemed to be the main path. There was a small shaft that Ghen and Atrus took in their descent…wonder if this is it?


That strange feeling…..again…what is with the linking feeling? It is almost as if they are traps of sorts, to keep one from actually getting from point A to point B…being Cleft to The city…or in my case city to Cleft. This would make sense. How many would explore the cauldron, without checking out the cleft home first…without finding out the message from Yeesha…without getting her blessings, in the form of a relto book?

As I came through the end of this small shaft I immediately knew two things.

1. this was not Ghens shaft

2. I was no longer in the caverns

…for this was my scene as I came out of the small shaft.

A world beyond (13)

I stood, transfixed by he beauty!!

What was I going to find?

I almost felt like saying, forget the Cleft!! There is just too much down here to worry about finding the illusive path up, but my longing for that path was just too great. My explorer nature, however; was revelling in these discoveries.

I saw a small path that led to the right, seemingly circling the lake up on this ridge. The day was warm and sunny, and it seemed as if the sun had just peeked the mountain. There are times when adrenaline is an awesome thing, for I should be tired, but I am not, and the unknown calls..”angelmyst, come see what is here!!”

So, I obey the call.

The path was narrow and gently overgrown, I saw plants and insects that I had never seen before, but nothing else stirred. Getting closer to the lake took just over an hour, but it was easy walking.



8-3 (4)

1053_384741754957924_702062391_n - Copy

A world beyond (1)

223062_10150739678340858_5858366_n - Copy

These plants and animals were in abundance as I neared the lake. The mushrooms and the dragonfly were in every darkened crevass along the edges. I startled the peacock like bird from behind a whole field of the colorful pine cone/bulrushes. The staring yellow flower really creeped me out. It’s “eyes” followed me, and they lined the path every 6 feet or so. The fluffy faced bird followed me, just one of them, but I could see several in the foliage as I made my way down to the lake.

When I was about 100 feet from the water the bird ran off…not flew, not sure if it could fly, as I had seen none flying about. I soon realized why the bird had left, as I got closer to the water I smelled the most horrid stench you could imagine.



All along the shore of the lake were these starfish. They emitted a horrid smell that sent me reeling back in disgust, and made me retch. I had never smelled anything so bad in all my days.

I went back to where the bird had left me, and tried to circle around farther and see if there was any spot I could get to the water.


I had made my way about 1/4 of the way around this lake, when I figured I needed to find some place to rest for the night, for something caught my eye that steeled my determination to explore farther. The Island in the lake….


…on closer examination, looked to be inhabited. I zoomed as close as I could from a safe vantage point, away from the smell….could it be?? It was too far to tell, but I am certain there is a structure in the dark recesses of the bluff. How to get past the smell…how to get to the island….These are questions for tomorrow, after i get some rest. I found a quiet grassy knoll, and made camp for the night.

After a good rest my brain was in full gear, and ready to roll. I had solved the ‘smell’ problem in my sleep. I was able to construct a ‘gas mask’ with some large leaves, flour glue and ties. I added some perfume I always carry, just for added measure. I tied the mask on as I neared the starfish.

As I made my way past the creatures, I was able to get a better view of the island, and something else strange…..

Just below the surface of the water, very similar to the rock path in Water Ahnonay, was a path.

Irish fairy paths are said to exist under water, causeways in marshes than lead to islands. These paths, only used by the fairy folk, ran from one island to another and were paved with coral, making them and their travellers visible to fishermen in their boats above.

True to this idea, I saw this…several actually hovering along the shore near the submerged bridge..

flower fairy

As I made my way out on the path it rose beneath my feet


and the swirling misty waters cascaded off the rocky causeway.

This path lead right out to the island, and I made my way up the pleasant slopes. I was able to remove my ‘gas mask’ and the air had a sweet odor, like fresh honey warmed on toast. It almost made me think of Lotus flowers, and as pleasant as the scent was I was on my guard.

A narrow rocky stair case ambled through the trees, up to where I was sure I had seen a glimpse of a structure, outlined in the dark recesses


It was a beautiful day for a stroll, and I could have easily lost track of all time, but the scent of honey, kept me aware that nothing is as it seems, and I could face danger at the slightest turn in the path.

As I neared what I was sure to be the spot I had seen the structure, the sun made its way over the ridge and shone full down into this glen of sorts, dispelling every dark corner and revealing a house….but not just an ordinary house. I had stepped out of the lands of the ancient Greeks and lotus flowers into the land of fairy tales and gingerbread houses. This house before me, was right out of a story book…and I had to resist the temptation to lick it, to see if it was made of sugar.

colorful house

As strong as my curiosity was, my sense of care was even stronger. If I have learned anything in my adventures it has been this….be careful.

I wanted to go right up to the house, knock on the door, and go in, make myself right at home. I knew that this was not to be…I had to exercise caution, for I had no idea who built the house, who was in the house…or what. No smoke rose from the chimney, but on this warm day that was not surprising. The area was not overgrown, the rambling garden was well tended, and all signs were there that this place was inhabited…..recently.

I circled around to the back of the house.What looked to be a stone fence was in my path, and as I neared the fence, a saw a very familiar symbol…and also saw that this was a boat, very overgrown, and dilapidated. As I stepped away from the boat the symbol vanished. It showed again when I was 10 feet from the boat.

boat path of the shell

The presence of this symbol could only mean one thing…I was still in D’ni territory in some fashion. I was at a loss how to proceed. I still had plenty of daylight left, it was barely noon, and so far I had not seen any sign of life around the house. I found a quiet spot in a woodshed and settled down to watch….and wait……

When I awoke nothing had happened. I mean, no one was around, and it seemed I was all alone. I checked the boat, and the symbol that had appeared earlier, did not appear now. Strange… was my presence noted some how?

Also, though I had rested for six hours ( yes, I fell asleep) the sun had not moved. It still shone full into this glen. Has my presence also stopped time?

I wandered farther around the back side of the house. and came upon a cute cottage . The colors were in keeping with the colorful house, and I just had to go into this structure and check things out…I was not prepared for what I found on the inside. A wonder land, bathed in black light and glowing, with strange creatures peaking out from cracks and crevasses. The paths all lined with a blue light, I followed around in a circle. All the creatures kept in the hollows, nothing came out of its hiding spot. The feel of a thousand eyes on me gave me the creepiest feeling. After one circle I had enough..out…now.



I decided to check out the main house. After the cottage, nothing would surprise me now. Why do I say things like that?? For, surprised I was. The exterior of the house, yard and gardens were well kept, but I walked into a dishevled mess. The walls were crumbling, the staircase littered with rubble, and it looked as if no one had been here in decades.

Island cabin stairwell

I carefully made my way up the stairs and to a closed door. I do not think I can take any more surprises….I thought…. What else could be up with this place? Could any one spot have so many surprises? I was overwhelmed as it was. I was almost afraid to open the door….but you know me, curiosity is my middle name.

1358635552009 - Copy

This colorful wall met my gaze, dare I step through? CAN I step through? SHOULD I step through? I carefully reached out my hand. OUCH!!!!!!!!!! Hot. I examined my burn, red fingers, and then looked back to the offending view.

302310_10150772275300858_5159927_n - Copy

It was now a colorful blaze…..and the heat drove me back…..back…down the stairs and out to the yard, at a full run.

When I was, I figured , a safe distance away, I looked back to the house. I could feel the heat..intense, and I knew what was going to meet my eyes.Had I caused this?? Was this a signal to end my attempts to find the path to the Cleft??.


I stumbled my way back to the rocky staircase, the scent of burning wood, charred cloth, tar, and foliage searing my nostrils. After the stench of the burning house, when I crossed the water bridge to the starfish, the smell was not overpowering. Nothing could erase that smell from my mind, as it lingered on every nose hair, every olfactory nerve was seared with the smell.

I went back to my quiet grassy knoll…and cried.

After I regained my composure, and the scent had cleared my nostrils, I determined to go see, if I could ‘fix’ things. I have made a habit of trying to leave things as I found them. As I prepared to go back, something caught my…ummm…nose. The sweet scent of honey. I had not smelled it over here before…or had it been there and I just never noticed? The Lotus flower scent, like that on the island. What did it mean? I had that feeling, things were not as they should be….not as I had left them. The honey scent made me wonder if all I had encountered was just a hallucination, or a dream. I did determine one thing…if things are all okay, I was going to check out the symbol on the boat, the Path of the Shell symbol.

I prepared to head back. My gas mask was in my pack sack. I re applied perfume to it, and hung it about my neck to prepare for the starfish smelly area. I encountered the same things…exactly the same….strange.

As I again neared the spot I had seen the colorful house, the sun again made its way over the ridge and shone full down into the glen, dispelling every dark corner and revealing the house……..the house, fine, not burned, not charred…nothing. It was as if this was my first visit. AS I had determined I headed to the back yard and to the symbol , that was again, on the boat. This time, however, I am not going to step away from it….I walked into it…and linked………………………….

I came out in the labyrinth of paths I had encountered earlier, and saw the small shaft I had explored that led to the valley I had just been in. I took a slow peek into this shaft…..and was met with a wall of rock….no shaft….no beautiful valley. I was back on my path..back to my trek to the Cleft.

What was I to encounter next as I explored this World Beyond??

After such a horrid experience I decided to keep to the Caverns and wander the fissures and ignore all strange and wild things that may come in my path…..ya ..right. That resolve was very short lived.

After six days of wandering and finding nothing, you can imagine my

snowflake 4

curiosity when I rounded a bend and came face to face with this.

snowflake 1

A perfect snowflake….I walked up to it, then right through it and saw this…

and through it to a third…

snowflake 2

and a fourth

snowflake 3

Each was very different. I also noticed, as I went through the images, I not only got that strange linking sensation, but also it got colder. From the relative warmth of the fissures to this cold. I dug out my emergency blanket, and wrapped myself. I wandered through a cold cavern, nearly totally dark.


When I did emerge from the darkness I was met with this cold unwelcoming sight. What had I stumbled upon?





I wandered around, a cold barren wasteland, I went into the forested area and built a fire. I had to warm up. I warmed enough to have a sleep. I woke…..because I was too warm….. The area had drastically changed, all round me, where once was barren cold wasteland, was bright, hot sun-drenched beauty. I could not believe I was in the same place.

I wandered back the way I had come, and came to the dark cavern area again..I could see the snowflakes through the darkness, and I could see the beauty where I had awaken.

Okay……I did it again, changed something..grrrr…why do I do this? Why do I mess with the balances of nature in the areas I find? Certainly not on purpose. Well ….I guess I should just enjoy the beauty, and see what it is all about.

Okay, that was beautiful, but disappointing. I found nothing of interest. It is just a pretty spot. Again I wonder about these diversions, almost as if they are orchestrated to keep me from getting to my goal. I passed back through the snowflakes, and back into the labyrinth of paths, caverns and shafts.

From all the reading, I know now I am no where near getting to the South Gate. I have wandered in a relatively small area when the grand scheme comes into play. I wandered through a set of tunnels that were wet and musty smelling. I found fresh water dripping slowly from some rock, and replentished my water supply. As I was packing my packsack again I saw something in a pool of stangnent water, I pulled it out and carefully unfolded the old, worn, paper.

It looked as if someone had tried to destroy it, and from what I could make out……IT WAS A MAP!!!!!!


A map……of the route from the Cleft to the City!!!!

From what I could make out I was right about being still just in the first area of caverns and shafts that border the City. It looks to be a map made by Aitrus, but certainly not an original. Was it a copy made by the DRC?

It was not old enough to be here more than a few years. It is burned around the edges, as if it had been folded, and then an attempt was made to destroy it. It will however give me some help. I can draw out my path, and figure out where I am!! Maybe by tomorrow night I can be at the South Gate….I am hopeful.

After countless treks back and forth, over..through..under…and around, I have finally figured where I am according to the map.

…..I saw a familiar sight, an opening with a bright orange light glowing through it…..I was back at the Lake!!

Well, at least I know where I am….and down at the lake edge was…my boat.

Decisions, decisions.

Do I take my boat back to the city…hide it…and refresh my supplies…or do I turn around, with the limited supplies I have…and the map, knowing if I follow it, I will be to the Cleft in a short time….

What would you do??

Friends reading this adventure…I am adding a twist to things…

I want to know…briefly…what you would do. Please keep your comments short, but concise…please keep IC, and to cannon in your suggestions. Even though this is sci-fi, I still want to maintain the sense of continuity with the story line.

Have fun. 🙂

One day I was down over the Library cliff and found a map tucked under the bow of an old ship ruins.I looked at it & it had many paths to follow, but what intrigued me was a house drawn on the map far away. I wanted to go see this house and who might live in it ? Since I had no way to cross the lake I couldn’t go. But I knew angelmyst had crossed the lake & I was hoping for her return. By chance she might have found the house, went inside and met the owner? I will await her return and hopefully she can tell me more about this house ? The owner apparently made many trips across the lake to the cavern, but now all the ships are in ruins. Who could this person be and why did he/she make many trips across the lake and then stop doing it ? Why have a house out there and what were they doing there? Many questions that maybe angelmyst can answer?
Intriguing.. I have not seen the house you could be referring to, but I would like to compare maps. Will let you know what I decide…having a companion on my trek up to the Cleft would be nice…..if we can not solve your house riddle.
I was about ready to climb back up the Library Cliff when I noticed an object floating to shore. I ran back down to the lake edge. Oh My Gosh it’s Angel’s boat. What happened ?Did a storm or high tide wash it from shore or did Angel fall overboard into the toxic water?Angel is marooned over there with no way home to the City! What to do ? Get help? Then I realized her small boat will only board one person safely. If I go across the lake only one of us can return. I grab the map I found and frantically look at it very carefully, pondering the path to take. Is there a way to climb over the mountains. I dunno what to do?
Wow….you put my pictures on a map!!! Wow.
Okay. Now you have me marooned. You leave me no choice. I am going to take the few supplies I have and head up to the Cleft. When I get back to the city we can head over again and check out the house you saw….if I make it back…
Having loaded angel’s boat with supplies, food, water, matches, first aide kit, etc. I decidedI had no choice but to go look for her alone, even though the boat could only carry one person back. Just before going through Kerath’s Arch I saw a bottle floating in the water.
Grabbing it and pulling the note out.
I opened the scroll like note and read it.
I rejoiced in the thought that she is still alive and did not drown in the toxic lake.But I must find her & give her the food and supplies. I moved on until reaching the shoreline on the far side of the Arch. Reaching shore in a strange land for me. There was no sign of angelmyst. I quickly cached the boat in tall weeds and piled driftwood over it to conceal it.Hoping a bahro she mentioned would not find the boat or the supplies I left in it.Then I went along the shore a short distace and errected a carin monument as a sign for angelmyst.
If angel came by here I hoped she would find the boat and supplies inside it.I built a large fire by the carin & threw green boughs on top of it to make lots of smoke.I hope angel sees the smoke and finds her boat.I looked at the map I found and headed to the right towards the Yeesha picture on it.I was lost since there were so many side trails off the main trails that were not shown on my map. Onward to where ?
Its a trap..I did not send that note… I headed back up to Cleft, following the map I had found.I have very little signal now that I am passed The South Gate…oh how I wanted to enjoy the machinery, and explore every nook and cranny… But I pressed on. I came to a point where my KI no longer worked…I backtracked to check my messages. I hope I am not too late.I hope you do not come looking for me….I will wait here…just outside the South Gate…and pray….
Pray you did not come…
Luvs angel.

Been walking for hours up this trail, no sign of Angelmyst. My Ki flashed once andit was a message from angel but the signal was poor and all I saw was part of a broken message:”Trapper” …”I headed” …”back up”…”following the map”…”I came to a point where my KI no longer worked” …”backtracked”…”I hope you”…”come looking”…”and pray”I tried to fill in the words missing but it sure sounded like she was in trouble and wanted me to come looking for her! Then a couple more hours up the trail I saw this path, that Angel had described before.
I took many deep breaths to dive underwater and follow the path. I remembered my caving days just swim under and come up the other side of the shiphon in no time. The underwater path got dark and murky and I was running out of oxygen thinking my lungs would burst. I swam in so far I knew I couldn’t make it back to the entrance. I started to get dizzy and faint thinking this was the end for me! I seemed not to be moving foward with no energy left. Then a faint light above, but I can’t make it there. My lungs hurt bad and I wanted to breath the water in but I knew I couldn’t. Am I halucinating there in front of me was Yeesha waving me foward & up to the light above ..
… but I was cramping up and could not go further …… a limp body ..my last thoughts as it blackened out .. Ohh Angel .. I failed you …
gasp ehhhh gasp ahhhh ahh eehhhh spit spit cough spitI gasp for all the air I can breath. Emerging to the surface in a room, with a waterfall on each side of me. Standing up and looking back at the underwater path. What .. what is this place it looks familiar ? Yes it is in Elodea and there is the linking book to Unterwelt. I rush to the linking Book, it is broken and doesn’t work. Wait, this is not Elodea there are 5 Journey Clothes finding they also are all broke. I look at the ceiling of this small room andsee solid rock, no way out upward.
I turn and quickly run to go through the waterfalls but find it is nothing but solid rock behind them. I am trapped except for the underwater path I came in on.My Ki flashes and now I have good signal. I read angel’s message clearly now, she is safe back in the city. What a relief, I’m glad ! What? Angel said it was a trap? Who would want to trap me ? No choice but to go back through the underwater path even though I barley made it in here. arghggg I can’t enter the path, there is an invisible barrier it will not let me enter to go back! Sitting on a rock pondering I realize I am a prisoner now. I think what is that Gold Medallion on the wall above the Journey Clothes? I think Gehn has something to do with this ?
I try to remember all the details of Angelmyst’s adventures searching in my mind for a clue?
TD..I have no idea where you are…I am not in the city. You have received false messages from somewhere.. I am at The South Gate, a good days walk from my boat…..I am glad you are okay, but if you get this message do your best to get back to the boat, and back to the city. I am continuing up to the Cleft, I hope to be at a rest stop soon.
Luvs angel.
After a few days of not knowing what to do. It dawns on me to touch that Gold Medallion.I jump up on top the book & stretch hard rubbing my hands over it.I hear a rumble as the wall starts to open. Shocked I am staring at a shady character and a tunnel with stairs leading up ahead of me.
Me: “Shorah” thinking of nothing better to say.
Man: ” You come early”
Me: ” Whom might you be ? ”
Man: ” I am the undertaker”, pausing then says ” follow me up the stairs”Reaching the top of the stairs,I stare at the vastness before my eyes !
Me: “What place is this?”
Man: “It is the Tombs of the Great Kings of D’ni their history is in the Hall of Kings in the City. When their time has come I bring them by ship through the Arch to lay rest here”
Me: ” But the ships are all in ruins”
Man: ” There are no Kings in Ae’gura at the moment until the City is restored”, pausing again he then stares at me strongly ” I have a different place for you”
He raises his heavy staff and points with it, and I look.
Me: ” Nooooo I am not ready for that !”
Man: ” No one comes through here by the underwater path you took and survives it is too long”
Me: ” I had help from Yeesha, she guided me, and I needed to help a friend angelmyst in trouble”
Man: ” You say angelmyst, I’ve seen her travel through these lands by my house”I look at a picture of his house that he shows me.
Me: ” It is so colorful and bright”
Man: ” If you had my job as the undertaker seeing what I do all day, it is a place to relax.”The undertaker raises his heavy staff up over my head and starts to swing it down upon me.Thinking he is going to crush my skull, but touches my head so gentle and then: (POOF)What has happened? I am back at the shore where I hid angel’s boat. My Ki flashes and I can read my messages clearly now. angelmyst is going to meet me at the South Gate and I must return her boat to the city. As I pass through Kerath’s Arch ( the Arch of Kings), I think of all who has passed this way before me. Arriving at the library cliff I hide angel’s boat where I think she does, still well stocked with supplies. I am off to meet Angel at the Cleft and on to the South Gate if need be,I have a lot to tell her about my journey !
Oh Dave…I have not been able to get your messages. I am leaving the South gate…..give me three days and I hope to be to Cleft…barring unforseen circumstances.
I have no phone or Ki signal past this point…I will update as soon as I get signal again.
Luvs angelmyst.
Some of you may know that I’ve befriended a couple of mermaids! Specifically, Murinna and her older sister.Murinna can be a bit impulsive, though. (She insists that she is not prissy! Honestly!) I just recently learned that she’s taken it upon herself to go searching for angelmyst, or at least her boat. She promised to keep me updated. Yeah, right.
Why?? I am not lost… It is Trapper who is now lost. I am, thanks to the map, well on my way up to the Cleft. Now, besides having Trapper’s disappearance on my mind, I now have the worry of this impulsive mermaid. …did she swim the Lake??? ….she must have thick skin, and impressive filters for gills. I wish I knew what to tell you…..really do not want to turn around and look for her….maybe she will find Trapper…oh my….this is going to be a worrysome point.
Luvs angelmyst
Well, from what they tell me, mermaids have been around humans forever – but those humans who encounter them tend to not discuss it for fear of ridicule.But, yes, if they can survive the cold and crushing pressures of the ocean without the benefit of clothing, I’d say they have thick skin. Or maybe just thick heads. Are they native to Earth or visitors from another Age? They won’t tell me.

After settling my mind, that Trapper is hopefully safe, and there are no signs of any mermaids coming to intrude on my adventure, I was able to get well on my way.

I had plenty of time to admire the magnificance of the Gate. As I left the cool breeze, and clear air behind, I wondered how I could travel these paths and fail to find the right one??The ever burning desire to get up to the Cleft, made all of the discoveries I had made grow dim…as I realized I was …finally…going to get to the Cleft. I was going to accomplish what I had set out to do, years….wow..yes years ago. Time really does fly when you are having fun.

The massive South Gate well behind me, I pressed toward the eder tomahn. when I had at last came to the narrow bridge of D’ni stone which made up for the collapsed bridge, I could feel for Atrus…I stood frozen, as he had. With the lave bubbling below, I almost wanted to relto out…almost.

I tied a mask about my mouth and nose. The sulfur smell was nearly over powering.

The warm stuffy air dissipated, and the echo sound of marble floor, tapped with my boots was heard…..ah…an arch.., the metal arch that framed this tunnel…YES!! I hollered, loud enough to have the sound reverberate over and over and over, to hear several angels chorus their joy!!!!

Hours..hours of walking. I needed to take a break soon….but…..I could feel it…I was getting so close.

I was seeing the dripstone, long columns forming all around me. I can imagine how much in awe Atrus was when he saw these.

The difficulties of this climb had worn on me more than I realized…until I stopped to rest.I had stopped where a pool formed along the rock to my right and the left was a jumble of rocks…if I remember right there should be a steep, narrow tunnel here somewhere……but…what was that I could see???? All of these tunnels…..oh my…my desire to explore…..tomorrow. For the ache in my back was real, and I am tired beyond words…tomorrow.

I rested, about 6 hours. Most of that time was fitful, and dream filled.

The curiosity that intrigued me before my rest….was off to my right, through this large cavern, which I am sure Atrus remembered….not the steep narrow tunnel I was looking for, but a narrow, straight tunnel…straight through…to….what??

Oh..I am so close to the Cleft….but I have to see what caught my attention…..


Okay, this was the most beautiful stone I have ever seen. A marble, about the size of a baseball…but looking into it, I could see a whole galaxy..worlds..truly worlds beyond…but what was this??

As I gazed….I had that strange feeling again….linking.

When the foggy feeling lifted, the marble was still in my hand. I placed it in my backpack, and looked around to………………


This ruins of a castle…..the starry sky, from the marble looming in the background…..was I in the marble?? I was not going to worry about where I was. The structure before me was calling me. Being ever careful, as I have learned, I skirted the boundaries….and the boundaries were very distinct. I could go no farther than a circle around the castle at he distance of about 1000 feet…except for one place. The sun rise on the horizon…as I came to the far left of the castle I saw a walkway leading directly into the sun rise.


It stretched out over an expanse of water, and headed straight…..but I was not going to take this path…not yet anyway. I needed to go back to the castle and explore its confines.

I made my way over the rubble at the only door I could locate. As it was I had to do some serious climbing to get to this door. This Castle has been abandoned for …centuries. It is beyond old. looking at the stonework I am thinking it is D’ni. I am reminded of the Kings of D’ni, and know there was one who was Guildmaster of the Guild of Stone Masons…but I can not recall which. Wonder if this was his?

As the sun rose farther in the east…or at least it should be east, the sky lit up with a million jewels, sparkling waterlike droplets that just hung in the air, and gave a light through the windows, making it very easy to see.

I would have thought there to be layers and layers of dust, but the moist air of this place has left little. The decay of the building, intrusion of critters, and total ambiance are all that lead me to believe this place is centuries old.

The small east tower seems to be the bed chamber. Someone loved the sunrise. AS I watched the sun grow on the horizon, something strange happened.


WHAT!!!!???? The Path of the shell symbol!!!

I ran out to the water, but by the time I got out the walkway, it was gone. I checked the time 14:04, that would be 12:04 KI time. If this age is on D’ni time…..I wonder what will happen??

Oh to have to wait until tomorrow…but…what will happen tomorrow?

For now, I will explore the Castle.

I walked back to the castle, and made my way through the rooms.




great hall

great hall.

As I explored the Great hall I came across some old papers…..all I could make out were the words……rest….sad….and a scrawling signature…Ja’Kreen. I was right!! That is the King I was thinking of…this must be a place he came to for solitude, but from the looks of the great hall he did not come alone, unless some others found this place after his demise. I will never know, for as much as I search I can find no other clues to the identity of those who came to this place.

Nanstein Castle Ruins, Interior with Waterworks

entrance to tower room


castle with path of shell symbol

Then…as I was getting tired, hungry and ready for a nap…you all know how I love my naps…I saw, just fading, another Path of The Shell symbol…..20:15 KI time…..so if I miss one, maybe I can catch the other. Wonder where they lead to…I will only be able to find out one…for now.

As night drew near, I found a safe nook. Not that I have seen anything to be particularly afraid of. This place is very peaceful. I can understand how King Ja’Kreen must have felt…I am feeling sad and in need of rest…and lonely. I will be glad to find the Cleft…tomorrow…maybe. Guess it depends on where the symbol leads me.

Of all the strange places I have slept the past two years on my adventures, this was by far the best sleep I have had. I did not dream, but fell into a solid restful sleep. The moss covered table I had claimed as my bed, was like sleeping on a cloud…at least I can imagine it was, for I have never slept on a cloud. I was lulled to sleep with the sounds of crickets, and the breeze through the turrets gentle whistled a sweet tune, a lullaby that had me drifted off before I even had time to fret about the coming day.

It was 8:15, 6:15 KI time. I had a whole day to explore some more before the symbol reappeared. I was curious about the walk way into the sunrise though, and it was going to be my focus. I headed out after munching on some dried fruit I still had in my packsack…the last of my food.

I would be at Cleft now if I had not gotten side tracked by a shiny marble. If I do not find the symbol to lead anywhere, I will have to go…um..out….um…of the marble??? How??? I have no idea how to get out of this place, except for the possibility of the Path of the shell symbol leading me out.

It has to lead me out.

I have no food.

I see nothing edible.

I will die if I do not get out of this place.

Okay, now I panic!!!

Good grief, when will I learn not to let my curiosity get the better of me!!!!????

I wandered down the boardwalk, toward the …rising sun…wait…rising sun…??Yesterday when I saw the symbol it was 12:04 KI time, but the sun was barely up over the horizon…how could that be???? How could I not have noticed the strangeness? Seeing the symbol made me forget all about the fact the sun was just above the horizon at what should be mid-day.

Through out the day yesterday I was so enthralled by the interior of the Castle I did not even take notice of the circuit of the sun.


1st sighting of ‘sunrise’, approximately 11:00KI time

2nd sighting of ‘sunrise’, 12:00 KI time

Then I had daylight until near 20:15 KI time when I saw the other symbol inside the Castle.

3rd sighting of the ‘sunrise’, 6:45 KI time

so from sunrise to sunrise was about 19 hours…..if I had of slept longer I would have missed the time the symbol should appear, about an hour from sunrise…which should be in about 15 mins!!!!!!

I dare not go back to the Castle for my things…..I have to be here if the symbol shows up again…..I HAVE to get back!!!

Having been in one age where I saw myself dead was enough. AS mush as I want to retrace the path….I am tired, and have no idea how to get out of here other than this possibility.

So….I paced the boardwalk…watched the ripples of golden minnows in the water…then I heard it…a sound very much like the sound of an opening pod…..and I saw it…..


Again…Exactly in the place it was just 19 hours ago…..I ran…..faster than I have ever run in my life!!!

…………………………and as I was running through the symbol I had that strange, but oh so wonderful feeling of linking…………………..

and when I shook off the fuzzy feeling, I was here…….




I was back!!!!


I went to the closest structure and …leaned!!!

I checked my KI…all intact, buds were there…pictures were there that I had taken before I left…..

I took some time and flipped through them…oh I could hardly wait to get back to the City!!!


to see my buds….

I may never know where the other symbol led to, I can speculate…I would think maybe Er’canna, or maybe Kadish…maybe…maybe, I will find out ..one day.

So nice to be back in my reltoKIimage0001 (2)

AA # 4 Into The Deep

Into The Deep

I have readied all my climbing gear….I have not done any serious climbing in a while..this could be interesting.

The thought of what I discovered in the Tree, has me puzzled. I must find out what the link is between the room with the S shaped table and 8 chairs, and the three families I discovered in the Tree areas.

As always..there has to be something.

After I get down into this pit I will update.

My estimation was off. The pit was over 300 feet. I had thought about 250, based on the rate of the flares fall….something is wrong.

I feel heavy and tired…the air is dense. I wish I had something to measure it, but I am certain that the gravity is different. Every step is laboured…..that would explain the fall of my flare. I found a ledge, actually had seen it near the top, probably could have walked it, but I am glad I chose not to. In places it was broken and I would have had to re set my climbing rope several times. It is not like the great shaft..it is rough and crude.

In places it is stairs, others it is an uneven ramp.

At the bottom it was overgrown with roots..this tree, being as massive as it is, has an extensive root system. A path led clearly to the right. Follow…follow…follow. It was a long path. I walked for nearly an hour through a very dreary, almost scary root mass.

I came out into a large open cavern made of rock and wood It seemed to be a dead end.3 wandering the caves

3 wandering the caves

The walls were riddled with cracks and holes, but nothing that could be entered.

I was able to make a fire, and set up a camp. I will explore the walls…..something is telling me there is more here than meets the eyes…but now I am tired, and must get some rest.

Catch you all later.

With all of my exploring I I have come to expect two things.

  1. Expect the unexpected.

  2. Do not discount the obvious.

Both held true.

The cavern is not what it seems. I woke in the night with the strange feeling I was being watched. There were three patches on the walls that glowed…..and I almost made a mad run for the climbing rope and got out of here…but my curiosity made me stay.

In the morning I made up my camp fire and re-lit my torches….the areas that glowed were etched clearly in my mind. I did not expect this cavern to hold any answers…and the answers were so obvious I did the forehead slap and DUH’ed myself!!! The lit areas had very distinct cracks….and as soon as I realized this I knew them immediately. The shape of…..a saw, a hand loom and a chisel was clearly seen.

No wonder he threw those tools…..I needed them…but why did he want me to have them?

What was going to happen if I accessed whatever was there?

Was this going to be a mistake?

The people did not seem to be threatening in any way. The intense look of fear, mingled with concern on their faces could not have been misread. The fear, in not knowing who I was and why I was there…for the one man obviously knew I was there…and the concern….almost as if they wondered if I was going to be a help or a threat.

Two things I know….

The area was dead, except for those cute critters in each area when the tools were present in the area. There was limited access to the areas unless all lights were on or all lights were off. If only some lights were on I could only go into areas where light was still off. In order for free access to all areas, all lights had to be on.

So…..I have no time to waste. The answer seems too obvious to ignore. I will put the tools into their respective cracks…… and see what happens.

As before I will stick to the colour order. Red was the saw, Green was the chisel and Blue was the hand loom. As I put the items into the cracks the areas glowed, as I had noticed in the night. Now, with an alert mind I can see that the area glowing is a door…but nothing happened..nothing after each tool. And nothing after all three tools were in place….what am I missing?

I searched my pack sack….ah..duh again. I had taken two chisels. I removed the one, and replaced it with the other….strange…even though the one chisel made the door glow, only this one made the doors open…and as before they just simply disappeared.

All three doors stood open before me. I examined each one from the relative safety of this cavern. All seemed fine. I saw no sign of life.

The tree areas were somewhat crude. Homes built into the wood, carved right out of the roots. They almost looked like stone. I could smell the aroma of fresh dirt and wood smells…cedar, pine and spruce, all intermingled.

Each living area seemed to be the home of one family….were these alternate living areas for my Tree families? …I am going to go into them and detail each one. Maybe I can find clues…I hope I can find clues to who they are. I will update you later.

I spent six days exploring this age. As suspected this age is linked to the families I encountered earlier in Angels’s Tree. I found the evidence I needed right off in each area. The farmers from the redwood area had this home decorated with those small green frogs. I wondered how they knew about the frogs since they were not in the age together…but they knew, and I will sort out the how later. The wood workers of the Cedar forest, had multitudes of those adorable birds carved all over the place. Also my sheep herders, had a myriad of small monkeys….no doubt that this age is linked.

I saw no sign of the people. Presumably they are in their respective ages, as I had left them. It has not been long since they left this age, I assume they left, as I gave power to their homes in the Tree. The things left behind are of a holiday nature. This seems to be a vacation spot. The doors to the three stand open and I can come and go in each freely. In the other ages they do not seem to be able to mingle. They are like hired workers, left to do a specific job. Is that the life they prefer…or do they want to be here? If those ages are powered off……then they are here…..if they are on, then they are there, working. Hard to see how the two could be set to be manageable by the families themselves. There must be something I am missing. I do not want to upset the balance of their lives.

I took the tools that opened these doors…..I tried to return them…..they did not want them. Was I suppose to do something else with the tools?

How did the tools get left in the ages? Someone else was here…..that is why the fear…someone made them afraid.

When the power was on , the man did not take the tools out of the door…he could not…he threw them out. He could not……but the tools needed to be out.

I must go back to the Tree and see what I am missing. I dare not upset the balance of yet another age.

I took the tools from the walls and the doors closed. I will go back up to the Tree and see what I am missing….somehow I have to fix this age. Someone has been here and messed it up.

Climbing up was a lot harder than going down. Having the gravity different really threw me off. The only thing that made the climb bearable was that I was able to use the existing ledge and reset my climbing rope. The similarities between this and the Great Shaft are amazing. There must have been some D’ni influence to this place. This is a very large age. All of the links within it are not linked with books. The mist veil and the moss veil are links, separate from books, but links none-the-less.
Once I was back in the room with the S table I decided it was time for a rest. Nothing seemed changed since I was here last. If the families need to come here they have not been able to do so. I must figure out why. The key must be the tools. My mind was racing. I could not sleep. Investigations are necessary.
I started to search every inch of the table. The three chairs closest to the control panel had a difference to them, small, but noticeable after examination. Two differences actually, the chair and the table tops. The chairs had seats that seemed to be pressure sensitive. I was hesitant to sit in them, not knowing what would happen. I sat…..tentively. Nothing in chair 1..2…but # 3 caused the table top, which was the other difference, to glow..in the shape of a chisel. I retrieved the chisel from my packsack that had worked in the cave. The other one I had left behind, as it was not the working one. I sat again, and when the glow was on I placed the chisel on the glow.
The chisel melded into the table!
I sat amazed. Then all of the sudden an alarm sounded, the recessed 12 lights on the walls flashed red, and the chisel popped out of the table top!!
Obviously as in other places, I needed all three in place for something to work. What was it about this chair, that worked for me. This was the chair of the woodcarvers age. The man and wife and two boys. Whose chair was this?
The man in this age was large, probably about 200 pounds. The woman was my size.
Was this the woman’s chair?
In order to test my theory I needed some weights.
I had to go back to the caves and fill my packsack with rocks. The two older people in the red area were slight of build, and all of the other adults in the areas were large. In the blue area I would say very large, probably 250 pounds.
I may need a lot of rocks if my theory is right.
….but now that I have thought this through I need some rest.
If I am going to get 100 pounds of rocks I need to be rested.
Okay, I have approximately 100 pounds of rocks, with nothing with which to weigh them, I had to make a guess. I have carried 100 pound bags of chicken feed, so I know how that weight feels.
To get all the tools on the table I was going to have to move fast. I set the tools close by their spots, set the bag of rocks close to blue area chair, and readied myself to move from chair to chair and to then set the bag of rocks alone on the red area chair, as it was the older ladies chair, and she was small…maybe 100 pounds.
Okay…trial…sit in green area chair…place chisel….move fast… grab rocks…. sit in blue area chair… place hand loom …move fast…. place rocks on red area chair and ….alarm sounded, the recessed 12 lights on the walls flashed red, and the chisel , and hand loom popped out of the table top!! Not fast enough.

Repeated this procedure…too many times. Came to the conclusion that I need more rocks. So…….off I went to get 150 pounds of rocks for the green chair. If I only have to move to place rocks from off my lap in blue area chair to red area chair then I should be fine…whew, just thinking of doing this makes me tired.

Back….This better work or I just may….no, I can not forget it. I can not quit. Someone has made the lives of these people one of continuous work. I have to set it right.

I set 150 pounds of rocks in the green area chair, and set the chisel close by. I needed to see how long the glow would stay on to get the tools in place. They stayed on….until I moved the rocks, so that will help the time problem. I replaced the rocks and readied the chisel, the table glowed. I then readied the saw by the red area chair, to place it as soon as I moved the rocks., after the hand loom melded…….so confusing. This would be like trying to do an Eder…would be better with three people…of course it is meant to be done with the three inhabitants of the ages, the three ladies. I readied the loom by the blue area, and proceeded to try my experiment.

150 pounds of rocks on green area….me and 100 pounds of rocks on blue area…hand loom in… 100 pounds of rocks on red area…saw in…run to place chisel in…whew…wow…it worked!!!! The 12 lights came on, this time green, red and blue, 4 of each, on each of the three walls. Also…in the center of each wall a door opened. I could see through to each of the areas. The blue spruce, the redwood, and the cedar, all open, all alive…this was a direct link, separate from the little room I had found earlier. This link was for the people…the other….was for the creator…or the destroyer!!
I had remade their link. I went to the stairs that led to the base of my Tree and stood in the doorway. Slowly, one by one the people came into the room, and looked puzzled at the mess I had made. The one man looked right at me, as if he could see me, but by the reaction of the others I knew that he could not. He gave a slight smile and a nod. A thank-you.
I made my way back down the stairs……and then climbed back down into the deep to see what effect was there. As I was climbing I realized something…I did not have the tools, I was not going to be able to open those doors….of course…they needed them…but how do they get here??? surely they do not climb down this hole!
I was soon to have my answer. I walked through the cavern and I found myself at the door to the little 4 foot room with the furniture pieces…the room that I had originally accessed the three ages. I stood trying to piece it all together. This room is one-and-the-same somehow, with the deep hole cavern. As I stood in there trying to piece it all together the people came in. Behind them I could see the smooth walls of the tunnel that led from the control room, the same place I had come through just minutes before, was different from the vantage of the control room as opposed to the deep cave. I took the old chisel out of my back pack and laid it on the floor. The man from the green cedar age picked it up, and with that same smile, put it in his pocket. He then pressed the green map light, which I had not noticed was lit, and each in turn pressed their map light. The doors opened and they went into what was now the living ages I had found through the cave walls. The power in the tools, they gave life, they made these people’s existence full.
Content that I had set things right I headed out, I was going to go through the caves, climb up the cave, and head out the door through my Tree….but the tunnel was not my cave anymore….they had opened the door, and the tunnel was their reality, was their age. It led back to the control room, and to a shock for me. My entrance to my tree was blocked. I could not get out. The same smooth black walls that made up this room covered the doorway!!!!

I tried everything I could think of, and at the last I finally had to relto out. Sad… I will try to get back to this spot, but my exploration has already taken me down another path….watch for Angelmyst’s Adventures ,to continue.